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I Hate MCU Spider-Man or Iron Boy Jr.

Updated on February 9, 2020
Tobey insults crybaby spider-boy.
Tobey insults crybaby spider-boy. | Source

Tom Holland: A third rate Spider-Man

Spider-"MAN" emphasis on the man part, is a relatable everyday nerd who can't catch a break who was at first fueled by revenge after the death of his uncle then guilt over his failure to stop the man who killed his uncle, then a strong sense of justice and responsibility to be a hero. Spider-Man has no deep connection to Iron Man and nor should he from the beginning it was his uncle's death not Iron Man who made him become spider-man. And like iron boy jr said in his first feature film "I'm nothing without the suit" which sums up his character perfectly if he wasn't playing spider-man no one would care his deliver is cringe-inducing he's not funny his quips fall short.

His villain is a repurposed green goblin from the first Raimi Spider-Man film, is love interest hold no significance whatsoever in both films, they replace or drastically change all iconic supporting characters in spider-man because they want more forced diversity or they want to advertise for other marvel movies instead of focusing on making one good movie that's self-contained and can stand on its own. They think that forced tokenism will equate to a wider movie audience when plenty of people who aren't white love the rich history of spider-man and his cast of villain friends and loved ones who help him get through it all. Making an established long-running character black or some other ethnicity for the sake of diversity is racist the same as if they made a black character like Black Panther or any other non-white character white which they tend to do in a lot of the marvel cinematic garbage dump.

They also disparage American landmarks for a cheap joke by a cheap knockoff MJ they don't kill off the villain in one movie but in the next film, they do that very thing that made the ending of the first movie bearable. That spiderman always sees the good in people tries to do the right thing even if it doesn't benefit him tries to live up to his uncle and do right by everyone when saving people from burning buildings even without his powers without the suit he still tries to be hero and save people because he can't stand by and let any more innocent people get hurt. He may question himself doubt that he's a hero but when a little boy or anyone tells him spider-man is his hero, someone, he can look up to aspire to be well that just motivates to be a hero all the more.

Spider-Man cinematically ending in 2007 and has yet to see a sequel that lives up to the standard of "Spider-Man", not spider-teen or spider-boy but a hero in his own right not dependent on an arrogant blowhard billionaire with a bad haircut and dumb glasses. He's not a sidekick or some supporting character in someone else's story he's a man he became one at a young age witnessing tragedy the same tragedy which has fueled him for decades to a hero. Because "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility..."

Iron Boy Jr disparriages his uncle ben over his new dark lord and master.
Iron Boy Jr disparriages his uncle ben over his new dark lord and master. | Source


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