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I Love Lena Dunham: Why Girls is a Great TV Show

Updated on January 19, 2013
I Love Lena Dunham: Why Girls is a Great TV Show
I Love Lena Dunham: Why Girls is a Great TV Show | Source

I Love Lena Dunham. And I didn't at first. When I saw her movie Tiny Furniture I was at first perplexed, bored, and a little insulted. But I soon came to realize that Dunham had a message.

And that message is expanded in her small-screen work. HBO's Girls is a great TV show and gives voice to a lot of frustrations of young women in our modern society. Even Howard Stern is a fan.

The Sad Premise of Girls

Girls is a TV show that resonates particularly with women in their 20s and even single women in their 30s.

Dunham's character Hannah Horvath is an underachieving college grad in Brooklyn who has been cut off financially by her parents and can't get the job that she needs to live the New York life she really wants.

Then comes the harsh treatment by her love interest Adam. Adam picks on Hannah, points out her flaws, and doesn't even seem to be enthused by sleeping with her. In addition to that, he has no real goals.

So when you first watch Girls, you might think badly of it. After all, it portrays Hannah as a woman without a college-grade paid job, still being weaned by her parents, and putting up with a loser of a guy.

But now it's a new season.

I Love Lena Dunham: Why Girls is a Great TV Show
I Love Lena Dunham: Why Girls is a Great TV Show | Source

Why Girls is a Great TV Show

But that's exactly what makes Girls so great. It portrays what is really going on with this generation. The audience can relate to it. The truth is, most of us aren't stick-thin Hollywood beauties with high-dollar wardrobes, the economy sucks and there is a lack of good jobs -- which is why some 20-somethings are still financially helped by their parents.

And furthermore, Adam -- Hannah's love interest -- is a stereotypical modern male. The ideal romance is pretty hard to come by these days because of creeps like him. So women are stuck dealing with love problems with guys that just don't care. Most men no longer do the right things relationship-wise that our grandfathers did. And this show portrays that.

The young 20-something female watches this and thinks, "Hey, they understand what's going on with us."

I Love Lena Dunham

I love her because although she wrote Girls while being inspired by Sex and the City, she wrote it based on what is really happening out there with us.

She speaks the story of the regular girl, in an unideal world. A girl that makes mistakes, is short on cash and love, and is still trying to work it all out.

Dunham has tons of awkward moments on camera -- the same kind us real girls have all the time.

Lena Dunham Talks to Howard Stern on His Radio Show

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  • PURPLECANDY profile image


    4 years ago from ANYWHERE

    GIRLS is my new all-time favorite show (I like it BETTER than Sex and the city)! Her characters are both interestingly likable and flawed, which is so realistic! Plus, she knows how to insert both humor and depth.

  • Pop Culture World profile imageAUTHOR

    Pop Culture World 

    5 years ago from United States

    Me too! Glad to hear from a fan!

  • Kevina Oyatedor profile image

    kevina oyatedor 

    5 years ago

    the first time I watched the show, i was hooked. love it.

  • Pop Culture World profile imageAUTHOR

    Pop Culture World 

    5 years ago from United States

    I agree! Thanks for commenting B4!

  • b4murray profile image


    5 years ago from Massachusetts

    Love Girls... It's super funny and entertaining.

    Also Love Howard Stern


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