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"I Love You" 2NE1 Review

Updated on August 27, 2012

2NE1’s song “I Love You” is very different from most of their other songs. They often have upbeat pop songs or ballads. “I Love You” is a mix of both dance pop and ballad, which probably goes with the bi-polar personalities that these girls are trying to portray. Okay, bi-polar is probably not the accurate word to describe “I Love You” but once you understand the lyrics, it gives off an obsessed person vibe. The lyrics of the song are about a girl who is into a guy who isn’t into her. I’m not sure if it’s about a crush, a jerk boyfriend, or an ex-boyfriend. The correct answer is… it depends on your point of view, vague songs can be very profitable. I prefer to think that this single is about the girls having one-sided love and are stalkers. It’s more fun that way.

The picture above is proof of their mental health not being in perfect condition. CL, the leader of the group is seducing and singing to an empty chair. I swear, the next shot just shows an empty chair. Where’s your boyfriend CL? Oh yeah, he doesn’t exist. Dun Dun Dun!

Before the opening of the song CL says “When you feel like there’s no way out, love is the only way”. That sounds really nice, but what the hell does that mean? It doesn’t match with the rest of the lyrics of the song. That quote sounded hopeful but the rest of the song and the tone of the music video were a little less than uplifting. The love is clearly one sided, and the girls spend most of their time in the video lying down or looking depressed.

The choreography is only present during their live performances and it’s not as elaborate compared to their other dances. It’s much more focus on hip swaying and grinding but 2NE1 are probably one of the best girl dancing groups out there, and they can make simple choreography look great.

Even though “I Love You” is more toned down than their other singles I still love it. My favorite members CL and Minzy really shine here, and they also shine in many other songs but I don’t care since they’re my bias. The set in the music video is beautiful and it fits the gloomy yet beautiful mood of their song. 2NE1 is more vulnerable in “I Love You” but their awesomeness still surfaces.

Music Video

Minzy | Source
Park Bom
Park Bom | Source
CL | Source
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