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I Made It

Updated on September 6, 2010

Life has encouraged me to move beyond it

nothings gana stop me so I don't rewind it

fought through the never

but now i'm back again

creatin' all myself

so i'm on the track again

Just started dancin' like the world isn't watchin'

on the sidewalk bumpin' music and rappin'

Avoidin' all the people like love never hurt

thank you Mark Twain

because it's feels like Heaven on Earth


I know I am my own hero,

and maybe

just maybe

one day

I could be your hero

The moment takes my life

an turns it upside down

hold it tight like my wife

so i could take the crown

an they could say what they like

cause it's all written 

from my heart soul and mind

an i am never quittin'

This is for my loved ones

you are all I got

i will keep you safe

even from devil's plot

Jesus thank you

for the life you gave

I know we all mess up

but still you save


Never here

never there

will these haters listen'

they best seize now

cause these haters be trippin'

[Room For Improvement]

Made It Instrumental

Big Sean Ft. Drake


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