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I Never Intended It But I Have Become A Logo Network Junkie

Updated on June 8, 2010


Although this will be difficult for some people to believe, there are some things that are too gay even for me. I know, shocking, right? I remember when my cousin first came out, every third word out of his mouth was “gay” he wanted to wash with gay soap, eat at gay restaurants and talk to gay people about being gay and why the tablecloth was gay. I get it, chalk it up to youthful and admitting who you are to yourself and everyone else exuberance. I’m delighted to say he is now married to a man (they live in England where it’s legal to do such things) and while still very gay oriented, he can actually discuss additional topics. So when I first heard about the Logo Network, a network devoted to programming for gays and lesbians (not to be confused with Lifetime Television for women and gays – the “and gays” part is just implied) I sort of turned up my rather large Jewish nose at the whole idea. Much like being around my cousin in the height of his “gay, gay, gayer than gay” phase I thought it would be non-stop programming of reruns of Will And Grace and the movie the Birdcage. But over a recent weekend with nothing to do I started watching the Logo Network and had a shocking discovery. Although I never intended it, I have become a Logo Network junkie! – Don’t Get Me Started!

Lest you think that the Logo Network is a start up done by three hairdressers and that they get the power to transmit their station from rubbing old feather boas together from past Pride parades, Logo, is part of the MTV Networks. And while I’m sure they don’t receive as much money to produce such classy shows like Jersey Shore, it’s not some small channel trying to make it on its own either, it’s part of a larger community, shall we say.

While I’ll admit that they play reruns of Buffy The Vampire Slayer wayyyy too much for my taste, what I’ve discovered are all the bad gay movies there are out there that I never even knew existed and while I sit there wondering how they got the money to produce them I admit that I get hooked and can’t look away. Some of the movies don’t even make any sense but still have two boys kissing so I guess to some that’s all it needs in it to make sense. The only thing you can be assured of in these movies is that there is going to be a really sensitive guy as the main character and he’s going to get dumped on but he’ll have a bunch of gay pals to get him through before the guy he shouldn’t have been with from the get go comes back to him in the end (realizing the errors of his ways and having changed to be the perfect mate)and we’re all happy about it, even his one closest female friend who no surprise has never found love herself. Occasionally they’ll show a mainstream movie that has a gay or lesbian character in it but mostly they’re just movies that seem to be more like film school projects than actual movies. But God bless them, they’re on the air and they’re getting royalties so good for them.

There is some programming they’ve created for the network like RuPaul’s Drag Race which is a complete hoot. I love it because let’s face it, how life or deathy can being a drag queen really be in this day and age? It’s lots of fun to watch and RuPaul is great. Then there’s the Big Gay Sketch Show which is funny sometimes but like Saturday Night Live, most sketches go on too long but again, God bless them they’re out there trying to make us laugh and we all could use one so good for them for trying. Then there are the comedy showcase specials where they show the gay and lesbian comedians. These are great because it’s sort of like watching the comedy shows on HBO in the 1980’s. Not all of them are good and some are really not good at all but it doesn’t feel as slick as the new comedy showcases you see on television or a show like Last Comic Standing so I like it.

Meanwhile I don’t care if it was in Spanish (as I don’t speak Spanish) I’d watch it like an old woman watches her novellas. I’ve gotten completely hooked on reruns of the no longer filming show, Noah’s Arc, the story of a bunch of black gay pals living and loving in LA. When you watch this show it really isn’t all that different from say a Desperate Housewives or Brothers And Sisters. I’m sure if someone else came in and started watching it, they’d be like “What is this? Ugh, the acting is awful.” You know, just like you used to say to your mother when she was watching her “stories” before you got hooked on whether or not Marlene Evans was herself or her twin sister on Days Of Our Lives and couldn’t miss an episode.

So while I’d like to think that I’m diverse in my television watching, the truth of the matter is that like most things, we gays know how to entertain just a little better than the straightees. So yea for Logo and the only thing it’s missing is a show starring me but I’m working on it…Logo are you listening? I never intended it but I have become a Logo Network junkie! – Don’t Get Me Started!

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