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I Will See the Last Jedi

Updated on August 7, 2017
There is something going on here that will blow your socks off.
There is something going on here that will blow your socks off.

So as you all know that I have been on a real tear about how craptacular The Force Awakens is. Well, I have not changed my mind about that film but I have learned some things about The Last Jedi that made me see The Force Awakens in a whole new light. This is something I did not expect and it’s actually amazing.

I won’t go into what I know but suffice it to say this whole thing might just be the saving grace of Star Wars Disney. I know I sound sort of like a fan boy and people are shocked that I’d change my mind. As an adult I think we are required to be open-minded and to consider all facts. I have thought over this carefully and considered all angles and let me say that I was wrong about this next film. Horribly wrong and I am a grown up enough to admit it. See? I was wrong.

Still annoying in Force Awakens, yet her explanation will make her accessible
Still annoying in Force Awakens, yet her explanation will make her accessible

Now about this new discovery I made about The Last Jedi. I won’t say a word publically but let me say it will blow your minds. I mean literally make every one question what they saw in The Force Awakens and you will see that movie in a whole new light. You will see characters in a whole new light as well. This literally took my breath away. I still cannot fully grasp this because I never saw it coming and trust me no one on the internet, from YouTube to Reddit saw it coming either.

Let me explain that everything you thought you knew is not what you think it was. Words will take on new meanings and relationships will look far different to. It’s a mirror and might seem like a paradox but it is not. It is just plain fantastic storytelling and its good Star Wars stuff.

Now do I still think The Force Awakens is a bad movie? Yes, I do. Do I think the dialogue was awful? Yes I do. Do I think an adult should have taken over the plot and script and direction? Yes I do. However, it's passable after knowing what I know. If Jar Jar Abrams had not had any involvement it might have been a bit more involved. We would have seen more character development and crisper dialogue than what we saw but hey it is what it is and so there we are. The time for Larry Kasdan to bitch slap Abrams has long past.

What you see is not what is there......
What you see is not what is there......

Do I still think Rey could have been more developed as a character? Yes. She’s a blank slate still and that’s likely why we have so many questions and some people hate her. That she’s the feminist power movement’s symbol is obvious and that does detract from her character but even her attitude about holding hands and her independence will be well explained. Let me say she gets it from somewhere and once you know where she gets it she will be very understandable.

So yes I changed my mind about the Last Jedi. I still think Disney is sucking the life out of the franchise, trying to grab as much cash as it can before the franchise deflates and goes back to where it was a simple cultural explosion from long ago. I am simply not happy I guess with an establishment corporation like the Mouse House owning Star Wars. I am still not thrilled with the 180 the main characters took from where we left them at the end of ROTJ or the tossing out of the EU. Had they kept the EU they could have streamlined it and used what was best from it however for some stupid reason they canned it. But let me say this, what I know does not make this look as bad as it did before and before it looked heinous. Force Awakens was hanging by a thread in a tie for last with The Attack of the Clones. But now I understand the point that Abrams was trying to make but he could have done a better job explaining the story than he did. I do blame Abrams and his frenetic, frantic way of filming. That’s not storytelling, that’s video games for ten year old's.

I am predicting this is the last scene in The Last Jedi. Leia reuniting with Rey.
I am predicting this is the last scene in The Last Jedi. Leia reuniting with Rey.

I still dislike the new canon intensely. A lot of people do and its getting to be common place around Star Wars neighborhood to hear complaints. You cannot cater to the SJW crowd and expect to make the original fans happy. Unlike Rian Johnson, the authors of these sad little stories and comics do not seem to get the fact that Star Wars belongs to all the fans. Another issue I have with the new canon, is the shoddy writing. It is hard to get into a book when its written for a much younger audience and people with simple vocabularies.

The Last Jedi will be very much more involved, very character driven and expect the very unexpected. Expect better camera work and more care with dialogue and how the characters are seen through the camera lens. Will The Last Jedi be as good as Empire? Last Jedi will likely be Empire’s equal. Only we all have to wait till December 15th to find out.


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