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Home Alone

Updated on April 1, 2011

I got your review right here, you big horses ***!!

The way kid films should be. Indeed, before there were film's like "Agent Cody Banks" and "Spy Kids", kids' movies used to be so cool unlike the campy stuff we're so used to today. I mean who cares about the sappy emotional stuff or the whole boy meets girl theme of today's children movies when a good old electric shock or having a guy's head smash with an iron is so much fun to watch. I still laugh my butt off everytime I watch Daniel Stern and Joe Pesci get beat up by Maculay, in this movie. This film is just a laugh out loud riot. The movie is about a typical suburban family, the McCallisters, getting ready to fly off to Paris, for their Christmas Vacation. However, Kevin (Maculay Culkin) feels a bit left out, being the youngest of the family, having to endure being ignored by his parents, uncles and aunts; picked on by his cousins and siblings. As luck would have it, the family accidentally leaves Kevin home alone amidst their rush to get to the airport on time. Forced to fend for his own, Kevin actually starts to enjoy his new life of solitude doing almost anything his heart desires, from invading his brother's room to singing in the shower. Indeed, Kevin thinks he is living the sweet life. Of course, eventually he starts to miss his family during his new found freedom. Unfortunately, that freedom is short lived as he forced to defend his home against a couple of burglars, Marv (Daniel Stern) and Harry (Joe Pesci). Therefore, it becomes an all out war between the three. Setting up booby traps galore that'll tickle anyone's funny bone. The acting of this movie was hillarious and well played. Overall, a great laugh for the holiday season.


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