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I guess I'm a packrat

Updated on January 8, 2011

I guess all packrats have a rationale.  Maybe it's because I was born during the depression and we were poor, but I have a hard time getting rid of anything.   Maybe I'll need it again. for example, I once had a garage sale.  The only thing I sold was a pair of restbacks for the beach.  Hadn't used them for years.   The very next week I decided to to go to the beach - and wished I still had them.

I've lived next to a golf course for 37 years.  Played maybe a dozen times.  Didn't much care for the game.  So why not sell the cart and clubs I bought when I moved here?  I don't know - maybe some day I will want to try it again.

I have lots of camping equipment, but I only go camping once a year - by motorcycle - so when I do, I don't drag along the old Coleman stove or lantern, and I only take one of the three or four sleeping bags in my garage.

Still, get rid of all that stuff?  No way.  It;s still good.

I have a stationary bicycle.  Great way to stay in shape. Never use it.   My wife says, "Get rid of it.  It's taking up space."  But maybe some day I'll get ambitious and use it again.

There are plenty of old medicines in my bathroom.  Most of them are well past their expiration date - but I guess they would probably still work if I ever needed them.  And, after all, I paid good money for them.

Then, there's my closet - jammed full of very old clothes.  I have nearly a dozen suits.  They're mostly out of style.  Some I just couldn't  fit into.
Still, most don't have too many moth holes, and I like the colors and patterns.   Moths - or just rot - have eaten pinholes in a few embarassing spots.  I only wear a suit maybe once a year since I retired and these suits, in bags, take up a lot of the closet space.  but I think I'll keep them a while longer, even though most are at least 30 years old.

And neckties - I got rid of a couple of dozen to the Salvation Army a couple of years ago.  But I kept a couple of dozen.  Who knows, they might come in handy one day.  And wide ties may come back in style.

I have a collection of old Playboy magazines in file cabinets in my garage, dating back to the '60s.  I have always figured that one day when I got old I would take them out and look at them.  I'd enjoy the old cartoons and jokes.  Well, I'm 76 now and been retired for several years, but I still haven't gotten around to those old magazines.

I've got dozens of Readers Digests waiting to be read;. Plus, we get about a dozen magazines every month which I never get around to reading.  I think my wife throws them out when I'm not looking.  I've got a library of dozens and dozens of books I will probably never read.  But I'm proud of having books by respected authors.

I've kept maybe a hundred old "LPs" - that's record albums for you young folks.  and I've got that many tapes, too, most of which nobody has listened to in probably 20 years.

My file cabinets are crammed with old manuscripts, screenplays, a couple of novels, short stories.  No one ever bought them.  I can't even remember writing the oldest ones.    But they represent hours, weeks, months of my labor.  Myabe when I die, someone will discover them and realize there was an undiscovered literary genius who had lived in Southern California.

And even though I've been married almost 20 years, I still have the telephone numbers of ladies I used to know.  Who knows, maybe some day they wil come in handy.

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    • dongately profile image

      dongately 7 years ago from Sana Clarita, California

      He must be a warm and wonderful human being - like me. Thanks for reading my hub.

    • Rochelle Frank profile image

      Rochelle Frank 7 years ago from California Gold Country

      I didn't know my husband had an identical twin. He even has identical reasons for keeping his stuff.