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Men In Black II

Updated on April 11, 2011

I make this look good

MIB is back to save the universe while Hollywood tries to milk out another money making franchise. Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith are back for this blockbuster sequel. Based off an old Marvel Comic book, the movie is about how Agent J (Will Smith) must find the "Light of Zartha" before an evil creature named Serleena (Lara Flyn Boyle), a shape shifting alien, does along with her cohort, a two headed alien played by "Jackass" star, Johnny Knoxville. Meanwhile, former Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones), lives a simple and peaceful life as a divorced mailman with no recollection of his experience working for MIB. Unfortunately, for Agent J, the only person whom knows where the light is happens to be Agent K. Therefore, in a bit of a role reversal, Agent J goes out and tries to recruit Agent K while restoring his memories in the process, so they can save the world one more time. Along the way, Agent J falls in love with Laura (Rosario Dawson), whom might hold the key to the fate of the entire universe. First of all, the special effects are pretty much what you'd expect. However, like most sequels, they never live up to the previous film, and this one is no exception. Dishing out more of the same plot but covering it up with different scenarios, like most other film franchises such as "Star Trek", "Beverly Hills Cop", and "Police Academy" to name a few. Instead of looking for the "Galaxy on Orion's belt", they're looking for the "Light of Zartha." Both of which turn out to be something totally different from what most viewer's expect. And like the last one, J and K get on each other's nerves throughout the movie. However, the film does have its' moments. In terms of comedy wise, the film is a bit funnier especially when the movie shows those coffee drinking aliens that try to seduce Laura. Even Lara Flyn Boyle is willing to poke fun at her own image in the film when it shows her with a big stomach after eating a guy. "MIB II" is pretty much more of the same though, except with a bit more emphasis on comedy than action this time around.


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