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If you like Jack Johnson you might like these guys...

Updated on August 7, 2009

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Solace [Enhanced CD]
Solace [Enhanced CD]

Xavier Rudd - Solace


Chill music captured me

I remember the first time I heard Jack Johnson. I jumped in a work truck one day while at college and someone had left one of Jack's cd's in the truck. It was a stressful time in my life with attending a university and trying to juggle a social life with getting good grades. I still remember the soft acoustic guitar sounds and the soft melody just soothing my tension.

Since I am a huge Jack Johnson fan I am going to suggest some other chill music that listeners of Jack maybe haven't heard. Here are four and I added videos so you can check them out. Also at the bottom of the page you can find links to their homepages.

Xavier Rudd - Xavier is from Austrailia and I think could fall under the same category as Jack in that they are both surfer/songwriters. Xavier is a one man band and play several instruments. He is a wizard on the didgeridoo and uses the sounds well in his music. The sound of the didge compliments an acoustic guitar well. Xavier sings a lot about mother nature but is not preachy as much as he is caring. Some of his best songs in my opinion are Shelter, Better People, Let Me Be, My Missing, 12th of September. He actually has so many good songs it is hard to pick just a few.

Kalai - Kalai is from Utah and has a distinct voice. Kalai blends the sound of acoustic guitar nicely with his voice. I have seen him in concert several times and I am blow away with him live. Some songs you need to listen to are On My Mind, One Life, She, Down to Earth, Losing my head...again so many it is hard to list.

Trevor Hall - Trevor Hall has sweet sound. I kind of think of him as being similar to Xavier Rudd in that they both are very concerned with not only producing entertainment but also putting ot a message. Trevor has a almost raggae sounding voice and it is kind of raspy. He puts out some good stuff. Some of my favorites are Lime Tree, Under the Blanket, Ghosts, Other Ways.

Matt Costa - If Jack and Xavier are surfer/songwriters then Costa is a skater/songwriter. Matt Costa has a very good acoustic sound. His voice  kind of almost has an antique appearance, I know that sounds weird. Some killer songs are Acting Like a Fool, Astair, Cigarette Eyes. Check him out. 

Those are the four that I am going to give you today. These artists are all killer and I think any music lover will find them entertaining.

Below are the links to all the artists homepages check it out.



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    • profile image

      suntee 5 years ago

      AMAZING!! Thank you for sharing. I love finding new artists. ♥

    • profile image

      Huzefa 6 years ago

      BTW..... what is a "surfer/songwriter" and "skater/songwriter"? What is the difference? sorry but i tried a lot to find out.

    • profile image

      Beth Sowell 6 years ago

      THANK YOU! I love Jack Johnson, this is a great list. I went on iTunes and bought a few up right away.

    • profile image

      Eric Atellure 6 years ago

      also, he is an excellent songwriter with an acoustic reggae vibe. love it!

    • profile image

      surfsup 6 years ago

      Check out "Chillin" by Five Wheel Soul

    • profile image

      Sam 6 years ago

      Check out The WILEY One .. super awesome

    • profile image

      Dex 6 years ago

      Some kif artists. Good choices! I wanna be on a deserted beach with palm trees an coconuts or lying under a tree in some american desert loving life. Shot

    • SummerSurf profile image

      SummerSurf 7 years ago

      Thanks for sharing.. funny i guess I was on a similar pursuit a few weeks ago. I just posted an article on Surf Music (which originated from my interest in Jack Johnson and how I wanted to find more artists like him). Here's the link if you want some more artists to look into:

      I'll definitely have a look into your suggestions above.

    • profile image

      Becca 7 years ago

      Great list, I love them all.

    • profile image

      Ronny  7 years ago

      Thanks for the list, I think the Trevor Hall stuff was the best on it. I have never heard any of his music until this, but the guy is a lyrical genius, his music is so chill! Too bad Geffen dropped him, he is hands down better than Jason Mraz.

    • profile image

      dawoon 7 years ago

      great! thanks!

    • profile image

      kate 8 years ago

      love 'em all!