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Inspector Gadget

Updated on August 15, 2011


Go, go, go gadget movie! For those who are familiar with the popular cartoon show. Whenever Inspector Gadget (Mathew Broderick) did say something like that to activate his gadgets, they would always blunder for him. Which is hence why the opening statement fits. Based off the popular cartoon, "Inspector Gadget", it loosely tells the story of the bumbling Inspector and his nemesis Claw (Rupert Everett) in a high tail family film which you would expect from Disney. With that aside though, it turns out to be everything you expect it to be which is full of cheesiness and wholesome family crap that it almost makes you sick. The characters are not only boring but they lack any kind of personality, and they don't have the same personalities to match the characters they play. Mathew Broderick had no business playing Gadget because he's too intelligent to be considered a buffoon, and Rupert is too feminine as apposed to sinister in this movie. Where as the cartoon, Claw was a mean mother ****er. Plus, that talking car needed to be shut down for all our sakes. Plus, you'd think with the way technology was back in the late 1990's, they'd be able to come up CGI effects that looked more realistic as apposed to obliviously fake and artificial. Oh well, I guess this is another poor attempt to bring a animated show to life on the big screen.


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