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Updated on December 11, 2009


A new face named Ajith Kumar made his debut film in telugu film industry with Prema Pusthagam in 1992.In Tamil film industry with Amaravathy.As he was a new face,he struggled hard to get the recognition of the public.After a long time struggle, he was recognised by the public with his Superhit film AASAI in 1995.The film was directed by the Director Vasanth.Actor Ajith became Star Ajth.

Director Agathiyan's Kadhal Kottai which released in 1996 was a super hit movie.

Though he tasted success,he was unable to hold it forever because he had tried to create his footprints as a racer too.As a result,he tasted both failure and success at regular time intervals.

Star Ajith played as a romantic lover in Kadhal Mannan.He proved himself as a talented actor by playing dual role in Vaali,released in 1999.The film was directed by the Director S.J.Surya.

Star Ajith once again joined his hand with director Saran for his 25th film,Amarkalam,which turned into a super hit movie.During this project,he fell in love with his co-star Shalini and married her.

After completing his 25th film,he acted in Kandukonden Kandukonden, Mugavari,A.R.Murugadoss's Dheena, Citizen, Poovellam Un Vaasam,Red and Raja.


Star Ajith joined his hand with director K.S.Ravikumar for Villan which brought filmfare award for him.He has been titled as Ultimate star.

His films Anjaneya and Jana failed to perform in the box office.The most awaited films Saran's Attagasam became average and Lingusamy's Ji disappointed his fans.

His films P.Vasu's Paramasivan, AVM's Thiruppathi and KSR's Varalaru released in 2006.

Out of this 3 films,Varalaru hit the bulls eye of the box office and made others to realise that Ajith is still flying high.

His very next film Aalwar failed.Kireedam performed well.

The film Billa,directed by Vishnuvardhan, which is a remake of yester-year mega hit movie of superstar's Billa became a blockbuster and huge grosser in his carrier.The film is stylish and great visual treat.

Aegan performed average and treated as a commercial film.

At present,he is working with Saran for Sivaji Production's most awaited film Asal.He is also going to make his 50th movie as an everlasting memorable flick after Asal.



Ajith Kumar has made his debut film in hindi through Ashoka starring opposite Shah Rukh

Ajith Kumar is a versatile actor. He has succeeded as a romantic and action hero and even as an antihero.He also did guest roles in many films.

He works hard both physically and mentally to make his character noteworthy. So far he has successfully completed almost forty eight films. Some of his best films are Aasai, Kadhal Kottai, Vaali, Mughavari, Amarkkalam, Dheena, Citizen, Red, Villan, Varalaru, Kireedam, Billa, etc

Most of his flop movies make an average collection just because of his charming look, hard work and incomparable performance. His dedication towards acting has made him a front-runner in Tamil and a popular hero in Telugu film industry.

All his movies prove that only Ajith himself can beat him. He became one of the best in the Tamil Industry for years and is capable of continuing it for a long time.

Though he worked hard unevenly for each and every film without any hesitation,the performance of the movie in the box office resulted flops, averages, super hits and mega hits.Hence,he is compared with Phoenix.

Even though a front-runner in the race,he is the star who attained many flops in his carrier.He digests both failure and success evenly.Only a great leader can remain uneven at all times.That's why he is called as Thala-The Chief/Leader

Thus,he became an Ultimate Star who turned incredible in all situations whatever it matters.


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    • profile image

      Ardent fan of Vasundhara das 2 years ago

      I did'n' t believe ajith was linked with lovely vasundhara das in his fame. Both ajith and vasundhara das looks so beautiful in citizen movie, i really enjoyed to watch that film. I wish ajith to enjoy more number of success in his life.

    • profile image

      2 years ago

      really ajith is linked with vasundhara das

    • profile image

      arun thomas 3 years ago

      Please don't use mighty god name to insult. My god has tough every 1 to love u r enemies. But who the hell are you to use my god name. Let curse fall on you... In name of jesus Christ. ..

    • profile image

      dhanya 5 years ago

      u r absolutely right ammu and mohammed. shalini is my favourite heroine both in malayalam and tamil industry. That stupid,idiot says that all malayalis are doing blackmagic. I think he/she is mental and have lot of time to interfere in others personal life especially in celebrities life.I suggest him to read The Holly Bible atleast once in his life to know what are the criterias to become a good christian. you are jelous about their happy married life.The long 12year married life.I think somebody have given you money to put this type of cheap commends. Ajithkumar, the ultimate star, THALA is a good looking,hardworking personality. He is a lucky man have a good life partner like shalini. shalini is the key factor of his every success. pregnancy after 7years of married life is not a first time matter. many couples are unlucky to become parents even after 10 years.JESUS blessed this lovely couple by giving a cute beautiful girl child.SHALINI AJITH is a well talented personality who is now involved in sports activities after her retirement from acting. Go and said to your Vijay and his wife Sangeetha to stop doing blackmagic. I have a lot of things to write. But i don't want to waste my time by giving reply to a rascal.I WISH A HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS LONG LIFE TO AJITHKUMAR, SHALINIAJITH AND TO THEIR ANGEL BABY.

    • profile image

      anu 5 years ago

      @ jesus ur a jealous piece of shit.there z no medicine for jealousy. Shame on uuu nasty bastard .they have been happily married for 12 years.atleast ajith is not a famous womanizer like budda kamal hassan

    • profile image

      MOHAMMED FAZRIN 5 years ago

      you are absalutly right ammu he wont be the true follower of jesus he is humilating jesus by saying he is the follower of jesus he and his actor vijay may be gays and send their wives to be fu cked by someone when we watch ajith,s movies we are in full tears as well as in excitement because there would be a critical theme in it but when we watch vijay,s movies we get only horny it,s really difficult to watch his movies with the families it,s full of sexual aspects he said that shalini is older than what she said her birthday is November 20, 1980 i too have seen her saying her birthday november 1979 in many interviews now she is 31 years old but has a look of 25 years she is pretty as well as decent in her movies as well as in her real life she is a chellenge to now days actress who says glomour and exposing is timely important in movies other actress should take her as their rrole model in movies as well as in their practical life she have won our minds by her nice and decent behaviours

      follower of jesus punda vijayodayum avanta pontatiyodayum suuthu kodu

    • profile image

      ammu 5 years ago

      Don't know ajith but shalu is so sweet....who is this fellow who is humiliating jesus by saying his name?can I call him Mr.X Mr.X you are telling that shalu is much older than wat she says..right..please not that she was a famous child artist who entered film industry in 1983 at the age of that 1983 movie,,mamattikuttiyamma did you feel that she is 10 or 12 year old?then please go to mental hospital...she is 32 now and having the looks of 25year old...please watch alaipayuthe and see how she acted in all that intimate scenes without a drop of vulgarity.In wikepedia her birthday is nov 1980 .But I saw in many interviews she telling her birthday as nov 1979.Any way she had an early marriage and I feel that our Aniyathipravu didn't get the right person.According to my knowledge he was a hot piece for Gossip columnists of 90,s.Now if he is leading an Ideal life its ok.But very sorry to tell that his movies are horrible and looks too.But his wife acted in down to earth,heroine important movies.So wished her(no use to tell now)to marry either vijay or boban .Her onscreen pair was too amazing with R.Madhavan(tat also never happened in real)

    • profile image

      ammu 5 years ago


    • profile image

      shankar 5 years ago

      jesus punda india la yellarumae hindu one religion is true than hinduism.un atha appana pathi pesu thalaya pathi pesatha punda

    • profile image

      Abubakker 5 years ago

      Thala you're great great great i love you so so so much and i love your mother so much and i want you to become a very very big star in the cine field so all the best my dear thala......

    • profile image

      sri 6 years ago

      mavana kai la matuna kaima than da..un story ah poi yevana mental kita solu...munja paru

    • profile image

      jack 6 years ago

      dai jesus pera potu yenda olra...thevdiya paia

    • profile image

      Deepak 6 years ago

      Nice sayìng bro Jesus5 !!!

    • profile image

      jesus 6 years ago


      nee orunal paithiyam(mental) pedithu roadil alaiyum pothu naan vanthu unnai meet panrei bye forever

    • profile image

      Raja 6 years ago

      loosu mathirye nalla pesiruka

    • profile image

      jesus 6 years ago

      Hi all, I am a follower of jesus giving you some true comments abt shaliniajith ,whoever have knowledge just read and awake from your foolishness , I hate malayalis as they are the trend setter for making black magic to all over india even on world also ,further they are criminals who act that they are very friendly and good heart ladies or gents specially with the person who has money and fame they do anything for maney once their work has done they throw them to dustbin,they come to tmailnadu make fool of tamilians get money , fame even enter in politics but they say we are malayalis and tamilians are fool , likewise shalini ajith is a great actor in film even on real life also, she always says she is lucky she got beautiful husband and child also she says her husband is a helping person guys plz think in what way ajith has helped people in tamilnadu just to fool the people she is praising her huband so that her husband mr.ajith who doesn't know to act , dance , perform will get more films more money and fame and now after 8 years she has given birth to test tube baby everybody in tamilnadu know that but nobody is saying the truth abt it ,carefully you look shaliniajith baby anusksha her eyes and forehead look like shalini and rest of part and colour look like the person who helped her to give baby mostly the test tube baby will be done by foreigner who is famous in all those scientific analysis as shalini has money by marrying ajith she has given birth to this testtube baby and now started showoff that her child is beautiful in this whole world and look like ajith as ajith is fair then shalini ,eventhough father is somebody ofcourse mother is shalini so it can be accpeted at some extent as we are not the loser, further shalini is saying that she is just 30 years old a girl who has acted nearly 15years as a child artist given gap for ten years then came as an actress saying that her age is 16years acted for 10 years then become second wife of ajith kumar uncle and now her age is still 30years is this true did you tamil people have ever think abt that, she has tried to impress actor vijay but vijay know very well that she is elder then him and not good looking at all by face by heart also so he has not reacted to her then on set of amarkalam she met ajith who is in found of lady from film industry she started giving huge laugh while seeing ajith one proof for this is you can see on vijay marriage how shalini is showing eyes to ajith by giving huge laugh to impress ajith but ajith has neither saw shalini nor he laughed in the same ways she and acted like she is sita to ajith as ajith doesn't have any other option finally he married shalini and saying that they are the true couple but truth is that heera who left ajith as ajith can't able to give birth a baby and shalini who is ugly looking middle glass muslim family yes shalini is muslim by birth plz note that her father name sharaf babu is a muslim name who converted to christian for film her father changed her daughters and son name but forget to change the name of Him, further as ajith is a leading actor in tamilnadu ,he is from brahmin family and doesn't have any contact with his family personally will always be inhand of shalini and her family thinking of all that she marry ajith even though she know ajith is gay, one thing I appreciate on shalini if we come to know before marriage that the person whom we are marrying is gay we stop the marriage but as shalini is aware apart from ajith nobody is going to love her or marry her with money , good looking and good family also she know we can do evrything by money she immediately marry ajith so that any other lady should come inbetween and marry ajith for money ,even after marriage ajith has linked with his co-star vasundra das which is true shalini fighted with vasundra and done some black magic to vasundra das to go from her husband also from tamil film industry being afraid of shalini and her family he started acting that he is ram and her wife shalini is sita , as I am a Tamilian I feel very bad that the people of tamilnadu is not allowing the tamilians to come in film industry and get fame and money instead giving place to malayalis , kannadas and telugu and now northindians ,stop taking interviews of shaliniajith who always praise her husband and herself and give place to tamilinas to show their talents on films and politics so that tamilnadu will become a rich, prosperous and happy state and people like us don't want to go outside to find a job and struggle for money and good life, plz wakeup

      I don't care if the fans of ajithshalini feel bad by my comments but it's true


    • profile image

      prabu 7 years ago

      really asal . looks pecise

    • profile image

      thilak 7 years ago

      nice work

    • profile image

      Prabha 8 years ago

      Really an ASAL HERO both in real and reel life.

    • profile image

      Prabha 8 years ago

      Really an ASAL HERO both in real and reel life.

    • profile image

      moorthy 8 years ago


    • profile image

      ARUN 8 years ago

      NICE.Cool biography on the Phoenix.Thanks Karthik.

    • karthik3339 profile image

      karthik3339 8 years ago from CHENNAI

      Hai friends,

      I have collected the details from various sources.I want you to give me some comments on my Hub page.Appreciating corrections in my Hub page