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INXS - Wallpapers - Posters- Free

Updated on August 31, 2015

Suicide Blonde Wallpaper - Free


INXS - I Need You Tonight

I can still remember the time INXS meant everything to me. I'd fall asleep and wake up with ears sore from those rough plastic earphones.

Oh these were the days long before iPods of even CD players, just a blue and cream cassette that struggled to get out each perfect note.

I'd lay there thinking about what each song and what it means to me. prostrate, deep in though with my INXS t-shirt on wondering why no girls seemed to to look at me the way they did at Michael.

Why two world's didn't collide for me and I didn't even have a world to tear us apart. It was more than likely because I was skinny and a bit spotty but I almost lived my teenage years through the band.

Wondering what a Suicide Blonde was. Would so be so hot I'd kill myself for her? Was she Christine Brinkley? Who was Christie Brinkley? Well those teenage years were full of questions that were as useless as my pulling skills but it meant a lot to me to want to find that bloody Devil Inside but I was to busy doing my homework.

If you like INXS like me then hopefully you will like these wallpapers too.

INXS LOGO - Wallpaper - Poster


I Need You Tonight INXS



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    • profile image

      gemini67 5 years ago

      Thanks for these - they are fabulous!