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Updated on October 4, 2012


•Did Elvis Presley really die on august 16 1977? Did he want to escape the limelight? Or was it something more sinister that could have made the king of rock n roll fake his own death? For over 30 years we have heard rumours of how Elvis is alive, but is there any plausable evidence to back these rumours up. It is common knowledge that in 1970 Elvis visited President Richard Nixon at the Whitehouse to receive the credentials of a Federal Agent at large, we know he worked on a number of raids and we know around 1975/76 he had an agent posing as a musician on his stage shows, we also know that he had been getting death threats from various people in the underworld and not long before he died someone actually broke into Graceland and left a note in his daughters room saying this is how close we can get. Earlier in 1977 Elvis had been making a deal on selling his plane, only the buyer was an underworld king, Elvis was due to testify against this person in a court of law around august 18, he had been receiving death threats telling him not to testify, could it have been for these reasons and for the safety of his family and himself that would force the king to fake his own death and go on the Witness Protection program? But surley after 35 years you would think he would have been found by now? People say if you have the money you can make anything possible, maybe so, but lets just look at some facts surrounding the kings death and draw your own conclusions.

1) The spelling on the headstone, Elvis's middle name is spelled with two As and not one when on his birth certificate and his army records it is spelled with one A.

2) He isn't burried next to his mother, Elvis would have wanted this and most fans have commented on this too.

3)When Elvis was found around 2.30pm it was said that rigarmotis had set in, but then it was discovered that Elvis had signed for a recorded delivery at 9.30am, so he was still alive then so that blows the rigarmotis story out of the window as you have to be dead at least 4 - 5 hours before rigarmotis sets in.

4)Most of Elvis's jewelry was missing, photos of his mother where missing, its common knowledge Elvis worshipped his mother, a checking account worth over one million dollars was missing and also no one as cashed in the life insurance, is this because they know he is alive and don't want to be jailed for insurance fraud?

5)The autopsy report on Elvis Presley was incomplete and lacking in evidence and doctors have said in normal cases this autopsy report would be unacceptable

6) A family member told a journalist to check out the writing on the death certificate of Elvis, it was sent to several hand writing experts with samples of letters written by Elvis, they all came to the same conclusion, whoever wrote the letters was the same person who signed and wrote out the death certificate of Elvis Presley

7) Elvis fans who viewed his body are reported to have said that it didn't look like him, there were beats of sweat on his forehead, a security guard is reported to have said, "because it is hot", since when did a dead body sweat? His hair was said to look like it had been stuck on with glue at the front and one of his side burns was supposed to be sticking out as if it was ready to fall off. Many fans think it wasn't sweat at all but glue to keep the hair piece and sideburns on and some think it was a wax dummy and that it was the wax starting to melt in the heat.

8) In 1977 four months after Elvis's death, Mike Josepth and his family went to Graceland to visit Elvis's grave, they took photos of the grave site and the pool house, a few weeks later Mike decided to view the pictures, but one picture caught his eye, it was a shadow in the doorway inside the pool house, Mike borrowed his son's magnifying glass to get a better look and to his surprise he had Elvis sitting in a chair watching fans from the poolhouse window of the doorway, Mike sent the photos to Kodak who comfirmed they were original and hadn't been tampered with in any way

9) Just hours after Elvis's reported death, what looked like government hellicopters were seen hovering above Graceland, eventually landing in the grounds, why? who were these people? Could it have been Agents from the Government taking Elvis to the Witness Pprotection Program

10)Joe Esposito, one of Elvis's closest friends and the one who came to his aid as given at least three different accounts on where he found Elvis, from the toilet to the bathroom floor and bedroom floor, surely you wouldn't forget something like that?

11)The Reverend who carried out the funeral made an astonishing announcement a few years ago after being diagnosed with liver cancer, he said the funeral was an hoax and that it was a wax dumby in the coffin, he said he helped Elvis pull it off and that he as never seen or heard from him since, but as far as he knows Elvis is still alive and he said he as nothing to gain from making such a story up

All the above are questons that still need answering in full, its been 35 years now since the passing of Elvis and yet these rumours persist to go on, could there be any truth in it or is it that the fans just can't let the man rest in peace, i think this is something we will never know for sure, the only way i can think is for the family to allow the casket to be opened to prove once and for all he is dead and to me if they have nothing to hide, they should do it and put an end to it once and for all, he would be 76 now, are these rumours still going to continue in another 15 yrs?

Take sometime out and have a listen to the songs and comment your thoughts

.John Burrows is the alias Elvis used when he visited the Whitehouse in 1970, so if it is Elvis singing why would he use a name we all know he used so many years ago, he couldn't release an album under Elvis Presley, could he? Elvis fans know he used the name Jon Burrows, Jon sings all the songs apart from one, which is 'she believes in me' sung by the fantastic Doug Church, but just concentrate on the other songs and notice how close to the kings voice they are, these songs by Jon Burrows have been voice printed by top experts in the USA and the result showed 99% that it was indeed Elvis singing and that he could have recorded them before he died, remember' every breath you take' and 'the dance' were released well after his death.

The man in the picture is Jon Cotner, many believe he is Elvis, notice the resemblemence and how the half faces match up. Keep visiting as i will be updating this blog often, enjoy the songs and please leave a comment, Steve

Please let me know your views on weather you think Elvis is a live or dead, just leave a comment, thanks, Steve.







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    • profile image

      CotnerFan 2 years ago

      Yes, Jon Cotner probably is Elvis Presley under an alias. The first time the name Jon Cotner was mentioned in public was somewhere in the early 2000's, around '02-'03. In 2007 Jon opened his Paltalk account "Elvis Presley Family, Friends and Fans Room", which is nowadays open for the "Mystery Train" fan club members only. Jon's first YouTube videos (Separate Ways, Lovin' Arms, The Wonder Of You, Don't Cry Daddy etc.) were released under the article "Mystery Man sings...".

    • profile image

      joy sharp 3 years ago

      Jon Cotner is Elvis Presley I truly believe

    • profile image

      adrianhenrybaxendale 3 years ago

      hi i love elvis presley i was bon in 1976 one day when i was at my foster parent,s fixing my bike one of elvis songs came on the radio and i ran upstairs looked in the mirror and started singing a long to it when i was a little bit older , i told my brother i could sing and soulnd like elvis presley and he bet me 10 that i coulnedt sing like him and he hears my voice and send you to soulnd like elvis presley and won you 10 to am on utube ass adrianbaxendale i can soulnd like him in 1977 to have a look my voice is amaizing / ive do elvis show to in uk no one can soulnd like me i have a unque to sing him , 07584469523/

    • profile image

      Susan Dale Wright 3 years ago

      I am a singer, and I have visited Graceland. While I was there,I was at the back of a group of people,and I saw Elvis looking out,at me. I thought,as I looked at him,"that is Elvis!" It was long after 1977.I know what I saw, and am so glad he is still alive, as I loved him, and always will. I will always cherish the memory,of him standing there,looking out the window,at me!I hope he gets to read my comment,and I strongly feel he now has the name of Jon Cotner,and can still sing beautifully!

    • profile image

      mark simons 3 years ago

      He is alive and his name is jon burrows look the dvd elvis found alive there is no one ho can sing like elvis and jon burrows does it so i feel he has to be the one and only king i hope he is coming out verry soon to prove it to the world and then all the roemers wil set straed greetings from


    • profile image

      Donna P 3 years ago

      I sincerely hope that Elvis is still alive and has experienced much needed peace and happiness in the nearly 37 years since he disappeared. Everyone has a right to a private life in this world and I hope that if he is still alive that people will honor that. He gave his youth. The rest of his life is his. D

    • profile image

      Jim Brown 1968 3 years ago

      Jon corner is Elvis presley hiss lips match and his cheeks match

    • profile image

      Jim b 1968 3 years ago

      Jon corner is Elvis presley hiss lips match and his cheeks match

    • profile image

      ian 1966 3 years ago

      Can't believe people don't hear jon cotner or elvis when they listen to ron jesse

    • profile image

      ian h 3 years ago

      Just discovered Jons voice under the alias of RON JESSE check it out on YouTube .forget the big dutch guy he is his cover .also see LUKE TIEPPO and i love you so vid has a constant pic of jon with black hair and beard also same glasses as jons JUST PRETEND vid

    • profile image

      ian harrison 3 years ago

      Stumbled on a strange thing recently,heard Howard Hughes helped Elvis fake it ,Mark Musick says Hughes faked his in 76, hughes alias was John T Conover,got familiar ring to it??? Also there is a Luke Tieppo on youtube on 1 of his vids is a pic of maybe a younger Cotner with black beard and hair also has same glasses as the Cotner pic on Just Pretend!!!!

    • profile image

      ian harrison 3 years ago

      100% sure jon was Elvis,the indentation above his left eyebrow is the clue .it is in exactly same place as Elvis

    • profile image

      Ana 4 years ago

      Elvis está vivo, eu acredito sim!!!

    • profile image

      Denise Fagain 4 years ago

      I truly believe Elvis is still alive and in the witness protection program. I wish he would come out of hiding.

    • profile image

      Mary 4 years ago

      Your videdos aren't working.

    • profile image

      Pia-Lena 4 years ago

      I think he is alive and he is now Jon Cotner :-)

    • profile image

      paul brown 5 years ago

      hello mr carter why is elvis presley dead i what him alive and well

      see you in amercar usa thank you mr carter paulbrown