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An Overview of the Ian Paice Snare Drum

Updated on January 18, 2011

One of the forefathers of modern rock drumming, Ian Paice has laid the groove for Deep Purple for over 40 years now since he joined the band in 1968; He is revered for his subtlety, innovative drum patterns, and his technical yet hard rocking style.

Being primarily an arena and venue drummer, Ian Paice designed his namesake Pearl Snare Drum to have projection and some low-end punch.

The Ian Paice Snare Drum has a beaded steel shell which offers increased projection, as steel is a less efficient material than wood and therefore loses more kinetic energy as sound.

You will find that even if you tune the head on this drum very tight and to a high-pitch that it still has a deep and well-rounded tone.

This deep tonal characteristic makes the Ian Paice Snare one of the best Pearl Snare Drums for jazz playing; as it has an optimal mix of articulation and broad tonal range.

The Steel-Bodied Ian Paice Snare Drum

Pearl's Ian Paice Snare Drum carries with it one of the biggest sounds in all of drumming.
Pearl's Ian Paice Snare Drum carries with it one of the biggest sounds in all of drumming.

Ian Paice Snare Specs and Features

The added depth on the Ian Paice Snare Drum- from the standard 5.5” to 6.5”- gives the low-end EQ quite a boost.

This added “punch” in the low-end occurs because with the larger column of air present in a deeper drum shell it takes longer for the final sound to be produced, resulting in a slower frequency response and an overall lower pitch.

The result is that the Ian Paice Snare carries with it a big rock sound.

Is An Ian Paice Snare Right For You?

If you're primarily a metal drummer, then i'd probably rule this one out and look at either a brass, maple, or aluminum snare drum where the high-end frequencies have more presence.

But for applications requiring both sensitivity and a large dynamic range, the Ian Paice Signature snare drum is a great choice.

It not only carries a big sound, it has the bonus feature of locking nuts and, in my opinion, the best hardware in the industry to help you stay in tune.

The price is modest for a professional-caliber drum too- currently listed at $559 USD (keep in mind also that most online drum vendors and local music retailers will offer a significant discount from the catalog price).

Overall, the Ian Paice Snare presents an excellent value, and is a good choice for many applications.

Demonstration of the Ian Paice Snare Drum


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