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If Betty White And Getting The Gay Couple From Modern Family To Kiss Can Get Campaigns On Facebook, I Want One Too!

Updated on May 17, 2010


We all know what happened when after seeing the Superbowl commercial younger fans discovered Betty White (shocking to some of us that have watched and loved her for years), they started a Facebook campaign to get her to host Saturday Night Live and guess what? It worked! While Marketing Directors everywhere have discovered a new way to get their message across – for free – others feel as though it’s started a new wave of Internet thuggory. I’m not sure if it is as dangerous as some are making it out to be but when I read that a recent Facebook page had been created to get the gay couple on the television series Modern Family to kiss I began to wonder. If Betty White and getting the gay couple from Modern Family to kiss can get campaigns on Facebook, I want one too! – Don’t Get Me Started!

Although Marketing people will tell you that they know exactly what makes a video go viral on YouTube or that they know exactly how to Tweet their way into making someone famous I can tell you that in most cases something else is involved. Something some of us have learned to call, “dumb luck.” No one really knows why over ten people sent me via email and three “friends” on Facebook posted to their wall the other day a sixth grader who plays the piano and sings Lady GaGa. Sure he’s great but does anyone really know why it gets passed around and become a viral video? The quick answer is, no but we all know that in less than a week thanks to his viral status he’ll be asked to be on Oprah with her “most talented kids” and before you know it he’s Justin Bieber – whoever the hell he is?!? I admit I haven’t seen or heard him, I just know that his bangs sweep over his forehead and he’s a sensation among the tween set and is getting more press than the Kardashians (at the moment).

So I’ve thought and thought about it and I’m wondering (just like several other million people I’m sure) how I get in on some of this action. After all, Facebook and YouTube are free (for the moment) so it’s not like it would cost a bunch of money I don’t have but what do I do or how do I get someone to create something that puts me in emails of everyone I’ve never met (nor want to meet) and posted on Facebook walls everywhere? I don’t want to don eyeliner and cry about Britney Spears. I don’t want to try and teach my cat to sing, “Endless Love” with me. So how do I make it happen, people? Come on, work with me. I thought that I was on my way a few times only to find out they were false starts. When I blogged for Project Runway Season 3 for I was sure I was on my way to becoming the blogger of the gayest network on television that doesn’t identify as gay (other than Lifetime) but then everyone who was ever on a Bravo show got a blog and that made my blogs less “interesting” to the folks at Bravo. I posted a video on YouTube about Johnny Weir getting robbed at the Olympics and received some of the most hits ever for one of my videos yet Joy Behar didn’t call and ask me to sit on her show and talk about it. And most recently I did a video on Zumba (a group fitness class) that got the Zumba community clicking a lot on the video (and also almost got me banned from Zumba classes in Las Vegas) but not one invite did I get to do stand up at fitness conferences (which by the way, I’m available for). So as I lay awake at night wondering what it will be or what will push me over the proverbial edge into being noticed, I can’t help but think that perhaps I’m missing something. Missing something that like in most cases is right in front of me but for some reason I can’t see it. I mean there’s a gay who has been posting videos on trying to recapture his jawline by losing weight (he felt his chin had disappeared with the weight he put on) who is getting more hits and is being featured on websites. Where is the Logo network? They need me. They need a forty-something gay doing quick commentary in between commercials because after all, how many blocks of Buffy The Vampire can you show each day without some sort of break?

I don’t know what it is but I know it’s out there and I’m putting out my cry for help to all of you. HELP! For fuck sake, HELP! If Betty White and getting the gay couple from Modern Family to kiss can get campaigns on Facebook, I want one too! – Don’t Get Me Started!

And please vote for me to get my own show on the Oprah Network by following this link, watching my video and voting several thousand times – share with your friends and enemies too please!

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