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If I Lived In Finding Nemo

Updated on July 30, 2016

The Movie

Finding Nemo has to deal with a male fish finding his son. Also, this is about a young male fish finding his way home.

There is much more to this story. In the beginning the female fish/ mother of Nemo gets eaten. This is not seen but the male fish raises Nemo all alone.

Soon, Nemo has to go to school. His father does not like the idea but lets him, anyway. They get to school and is not very nice to the other parents who try to be nice to him.

Nemo wants to have an adventure at school but his father quickly does not like school, so he fallows. Because of his father, Nemo gets captured.

This leads to Nemo's father setting out to find his son. This adventure has to deal with a fish who may or may not have short term memory lose, sharks, lots of ocean and danger.

At the end, him and Nemo find each other.

I did like the movie.

Humans In Nemo

Diver and/or Dentist

Since, I am a human, I will put myself into the show. The humans shown are first a diver.

Collecting one fish from the sea seems to be insane. What does a clown fish cost, anyway?

The idea of taking one fish from the sea would make me a very annoying person. Also, Nemo is not a healthy fish. His fin is small. Would I want Nemo?

No, I would take a healthy fish from the sea. But, it is explained later that the person receiving the fish might kill it right away. The little girl did shake the fish until it dead. So, I would not want to get a healthy fish.

Still, I would hope picking out a healthy fish would make her want to keep it. Yes, she killed the fish the year before. But, she might be different the next year. Most people learn from their mistakes.

People in the dentist's office

This people have little to do with the plot other than to show that the Dentist is a good at his job. The fish even know each tool used.

I think, I would be alright going to this dentist until the fish start to attack. I am not a fan of attacking fish.

What I think of Nemo's Dad

I think this fish loves his child. He want the best for Nemo.

He has a fatal fallow that could get Nemo killed. He never tells Nemo why he should not do something.

So, If I was friends with him he would be very bossy: given that I was a fish. He would tell me no all the time. We would be subjected to his rules of how to keep safe.

He is very dangerous to be around. Every time, the fish panics he gets into more trouble.

Instead of leaving Dory alone Nemo's father insisted that she help him. Then, he does not want her help.

Dory tries to ask for directions but he wants to go his own way even though Nemo is nowhere to be seen. When the sharks help him, he almost gets her killed. I would want to be near anyone who could in danger my life if I was trying to help them.

What I think of Dory

I think Dory is a very smart fish. She uses her short term memory lose to stay blissfully unaware that she could be in danger.

Having a friend that has memory problems would not be a bad thing. Dory does not get n horrible situations that she can't get out of by herself. She knows a lot for being someone who can not remember.

She is a friendly fish that may or may not remember me at the end of the day.


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