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If I Lived In The Resident Evil Universe

Updated on July 22, 2016

The movie

The movie is what happens after some rich people decided that life is not worth living. They want to zombies to rule the world. That is basically it.

There is no funding to stop the zombies only to make more. But, there is funding to play large games with the humans and zombies that are being created from clones.

The first movie starts out with Alice learning that she does not remember who she is or why she is in a mansion. Later, she finds out she is an secret security operative for Umbrella Corporation.(There is a real one but I doubt they care about zombies.)

Zombies are on the loose and people at Umbrella think that they can control the population.

Alice eventually turns into a superhuman but does not use her powers often. She has clones of herself. The clones are not as smart as the real Alice.

Alice has tasked herself with the impossible mission to save what is left of the world from the Umbrella Corporation.

What would I be doing in the Universe?

Being a zombie. That is clear.

Since, there is more to the hub, I will try to survive longer.

If I survived for some reason. I would need find a group early on in to join. One that has the ability to branch out and connect with other groups.

The only way to survive would be to grow in number and only kill zombies. I believe that there is more drama in the movies ... so someone would try to kill everyone of us.


I am sure their would still be school for my kid. This would be stupid but this happens in movies.

Also, school would know how to teach my son. But, school would be off camera.

Magic Would Happen

In some way, the main character would survive. If Alice were to arrive to save my group a large number would die.

I would be able to shoot a gun. I don't think I could in the normal world but everyone can in this movie.

Who Will Live

The good looking people that agree with Alice are the ones that might live. So, in order for me to live, I would need to stay off-camera.

Extras do die. But, some extras are no seen dying. They might have somehow lived. In Afterlife, a man shows up in the basement. I don't think he was in the rest of the film. He died right away but he could have survived longer if he didn't have anything to do with the group.
Others that might live are supporting characters that keep Alice alive. Hesitation is a real killer. Fast judgement could keep me alive.

Also, the people from the heroes from the video games are more likely to survive. If I somehow, become a hero going it a lone at some point, I may survive: unless I don't have a gun.


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