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If I Lived In Wanted The Movie Universe

Updated on July 23, 2016


This is a movie about a guy with a job that can not handle his life. For some reason, he is having relationship trouble. This is mostly his fault because he does not care about much. She should have left him a long time ago. Also, his friend is seeing his girl friend.

The main character becomes an assassin to eventually help others in the future. He kills one, he helps thousands: Maybe.

I really did like this action movie.

Being An Assassion

I would have to spend time away from my family. Staying near my family would be very risky. They would have to be relocated.

So, I would have to give up my family to because this legendary assassin.

How would I survive?

I would survive by doing a lot of cardio and hiring a personal trainer. I am sure that I would so brainwashed that I would believe them.

Most of the targets do not know that they are being targeted. They will not be expecting anyone.

Where would I work?

I am guessing I would work textile mill. Or, I would wonder around trying to figure out who I am.

Who Will Die?

I might die in that universe. I am sure many assassins don't live long. Being so open about killing someone would attract attention. And, anyone that gets too close to the truth would be killed.


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