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If I Lived in Batman's Gotham

Updated on July 22, 2016

The Place

This is the universe that takes on a lot of damage from Batman/Villains battles. Batman is not normally seen by most people. He could be a myth or something.

A lot of the people are rich. However, there is a shocking amount of poor people there but most to all seem to have a place to stay at night.

Dealing With Batman

I am sure I would never see Batman unless I was a villain or a hero/cop.

With Batman in the city, damage to housing and way of life is possible. A villain might accidentally kill me in a fight against Batman.

I could also be a victim of a crime in Gotham. If I ever decided to go to a bank a villain could be there. But, I could always bank outside of Gotham, just not Midway. Midway has the same type of problems.

Where would I live

I am certain that I would live in on the outskirts of town where I there would not be so much noise. I don't think that the city is a great choose for my family. Even if I knew nothing of Batman, my child would not be mentally able to live with all the noise.

This would be a great place to move for my child because there are special needs help there. Both heros and villains would helping out his school. The bad part about Gotham would be if a villain targeted the school because it is a great target to get Batman attention.

If I could be a Hero

Batman assumes everyone is a villain. So, heroes would be just visiting the Gotham.

The only reason to be there is because of a party, business deal, a friend lives there or I am fallowing a villain who is in Gotham.

For some reason, Batman can find Heroes in his city. He would not be happy to have any hero there.

All heroes in Gotham are rich or belong to a group of people that have connections to money.
I would have to be a hero while my child is at school. Also, I would need to have super speed, and/or fly.

Keeping my identity would be easy. Most heroes that show up in Gotham are there for a week or more likely a weekend.

If I could be a Villain

Most villains a career criminals or people who want to be noticed for their research.
The majority of villains have access to millions of dollars in order to try to kill Batman.

When Batman finds out about villain a crime has already happened. IE Cat Woman has already stolen a piece of jewelry. The Joker has blown something up. Harley Quinn has stepped outside her home (I think the cops have a camera in her home. Batman might just be her personal stalker.).

I am not sure what I would do as a villain but getting the attention of Batman would tiring. By the time I planned and committed some crime, I would tired. Batman does not come to every crime in Gotham. However, if he was just walking by he might brake my ribs.


Gotham's most scary villains only go to one prison. Some of the minions go there, too.

This prison does not work for the most popular but it does provide time for them to think about the next crime. Some make friends in prison.

I am not sure how long I would be there. I don't have the time to go to prison.

My stay in prison would cost a lot of money to keep me as a super villain from harming others.


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