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If I Lived in Spy 2015 Movie Universe

Updated on August 6, 2016

Spy 2015


The Movie

This is the story of a woman whom wants to be have a nice life. The only problem is that her job is terrible. No one cares about the people that help the spys out in the field. She is just a discussing cog in the spy machine. Until, she gets shot to become a real spy.

She goes out to the field wanting to be treated like the top spys only to find out that she is still a newbie. So, she risks her life to act like a top spy.

This movie does have a lot of cursing in it. Be warned. I did like the movie, thought.

Good Looking people

The good looking people are better spies. As the movie progresses the female character becomes better looking.

Looking better might cause problems in my marriage. My husband would not like me dressing up all the time in fancy clothing. The make-up alone would have him fallowing me to work. But, being a spy would mean that my husband would know nothing about my other life

Spys have help

Each spy has helper that talk to them telling them what is going on in the building. The help does not make as much as the people who are the spys.

The helpers are basically maids for the real spys.

I am sure the government would get me a nurse to look after my son.


The spy can defeat the minions but not know how to deal with the one in charge. Even the bad guys shot at the spy while they could hit someone innocent guests at their party.

The salary is not good for those that help out. Also, they have to deal with things they should not have to deal with.

I could not be a helper to this spys because they are like children. I have a child. He needs most of my attention.

Arguring with other spys

I have argued but normally I lose. I might be on the sidelines watching the other spys get themselves killed because I could not save them from their selves.

Listening to all the strange stories would make me questions if every one of my new spy friends could be a liar. There would be no way that any of my spy/ liar friends would be babysitting my son. Also, they are only spys. I would not want want to mentally hurt them.

Walking into places

In this show it didn't seem that hard to walk into anywhere. All the main character had to do was to walk around. There are people that questioned the main character but nothing prevented her from entering any areas.

If I had the training to complete the job I am sure that most of the missions would be simple.

The main character goes out of her way to catch the bad guy. But, that does not mean I have to go out of my way.

Flying a plane

Not me. That is not on my top ten anything to do list.

There is an auto-polite. And, I think flying a helicopter would be much more fun.


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