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If I Lived in Warm Bodies Universe

Updated on August 2, 2016

The Movie

This show is about Zombies that can think for themselves but their actions have them seeking out humans brains to eat. The brains let them see and feel what it was once like to be human.

Some reject the longing to having human feeling and become more demonic looking.

The humans in the show only want to not get eatten, so they seek out to kill the zombies

Being a Zombie

Zombies in this movie are seen mostly at the airport. These zombies repeat the same thing over and over. When they are not doing the same thing, they are looking for human brains.

The zombies do things that they have done in life. They might collect things or hang around the same places they may have hung around with.

Some of them try to make friends. They move in packs.

Being a zombie would require a lot of inner monaloging. I would move fast but normally not have the will to movie faster.

Knowing about my life before would not happen. I might have some habits doing what I use to do but actually knowing people or how to do my job would be confusing.

I am convinced that a zombie might only be mirroring what he or she has seen others doing in the past.

Being a Human

All humans are trained to kill zombies. They are required to join groups of armed forces like groups. Most of this groups don't know what they are doing and are under trained for some reason.

I would have a place to stay behind a wall. Staying fit would be a requirement: not a option.

Most of the people that go to kill zombies die. This seems to be expected. I might live with the right training. I am not sure were in the armed forces I would be placed.

Time To Myself

All of the characters have too much time to themselves to think. I don't mind spending some time to think but being a very deep thinker, questioning everything would not feel good.

The male zombie thinks a lot. Maybe, he is a college student on vacation. However, he tries to focus on what he is doing and analyzing others.

I don't think I would go crazy if I had so much time to myself. I might get lonely if everyone was a deep thinker, though.

Real Danger

The only real danger is that that the human create. The humans go into the zombie filled areas to look around. Wondering around, just for fun would not be smart.

Making Friends

This is very easy to make friends. For some reason, everyone is really nice.

I might have too many friends. It does not seem to be that big a problem.


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