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If I lived in Disney Tarzan Universe

Updated on July 28, 2016

The Movie

Tarzan is a boy who's parents died on vacation. They were killed by a wild animal.
Yet, they were able to build a fabulous tree house with all the trimmings.

The boy lives with apes in the forest. They teach him how to live. One day, humans come to the forest and try to figure out the strange man. One of the guys tourist wants to kill the apes.

Tarzan wants to keep the tourist from the Apes but eventually he lets them see the apes.

After, that Tarzan's world changes with the death of the only father he has ever known.
The tourist must leave or stay.

Me in the forest

I don't camp. This idea would have impending death written all over it. Yet, in this movie's I would be able to run thought the jungle like some ninja.

I would not mind my own theme music.

I would need to learn more about the jungle to be able to live there. Researching camp grounds would be a great way to start.

Because of my son, camping in a tent would be life threatening. I would have to go for a day trip and not over-night. Trail rules and camping rules would not apply to him because he is unable mentally to understand.

I don't have to worry about any of that because in the Tarzan universe because the animals will help me.

Exploring New Ideas

Tarzan is open to new ideas. He knows nothing about the world outside forest. Most-likely, he did not understand most of the pictures that Jane tried to show him.

He is able to see all the things that the tourist bring into the forest and does not judge those people. Tarzan does not know to judge those people.

Moving For The One I Love

Jane chooses to move to the jungle for the man she loves.

I would love to fallow the love of my life. Giving up everything is scary but for my husband, I would move.

Master Builder

Building in the Tarzan universe quick, amazing and does not take any contractors. It takes less than 6 months to build the tree house and accumulate stuff for the tree house.

Apparently, if I lived there I too could build a great home.

In reality, this would be impossible without a crew of contractors.


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