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If I lived in Legally Blonde Universe

Updated on July 26, 2016

The Movie

This is the world where a Ell Woods can do no wrong. Anyone who crosses her is wrong.

The show starts off with her boyfriend dumping her. Instead of going on with her life, she decides to stalk him. She is crazy enough to get into Harvard. There she thinks everything will be fine.

Ell is always there. Instead of being able to move on because of his obligations to his parents, Ell gets in the way.

Ell keeps trying to get him until another love interest comes along. Instead of finally being with the man that was unable to be her, she moves on to someone else.

Yes, I do feel bad for Ell but she needs to understand that stalking someone to that degree is scary and insane. Her mental abuse to her former boyfriend causes him to ruin his relationship with the girl that his family wanted him to marry.

There is a short part about a nail salon lady.

Another part of the story, deals with Ell's struggle to fit in. She does things her own way, instead of caving in to peer pressure.

Also, there is a case where Ell and others try to get a woman off of a murder charge.

What happened after the murder charge can be debated by the view because the case clearly lacked physical evidence.

Being Friends With Ell

This would be tiring. Anytime, she calls someone, they are suppose to show up to where she is located. Her close friends don't question her.

Ell would be able to solve any problem asked of her, eventually.

I would never be in the spot light. The spot light would always be taken by Ell.

I would be required to agree with her or something would be wrong with me.

The Dog

The dog is the center of her world. I would have walk my dog with her. It would be a requirement.

The dog is a like her baby. I am not able to understand how she cares for her dog, so much.

In the second movie, she tries to get reform for testing on animals because her dog needs to have his mother with him for Ell's wedding.

Dogs don't need be with their parents after they are wheened. I hope both dogs are spayed and neutered.

In Her World

Everyone is not as good as Ell Woods by the end of the movie. She is valedictorian of her class.

How? She is facing students that always get A's from the beginning. There are college students in real life that don't have to read the books to get an A. Ell is not one of those people.
However, in Elle's world... she wins.

How would I have had the movie end?

I would had Ell be able to move on to the next year of college. Also, I would have her going back to her old college to see her friends.


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