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If I were God this is what I would do!

Updated on January 18, 2015

God Complexities in movies

I recently saw an indian movie that was truly breath taking and especially when it got towards the end. I thought to myself "What in the world" kind of plot is this right before the end, where it showed that justice wasn't going to be served up on a silver platter like most films with a good ending.

I started to think to myself, why did the film director ever come up with such a movie, for it to end so tragically, and without any morality or greater good to come about. Then the climax hits out of nowhere allowing for me to be amazed by how he chose to end it all.

Praying for foregiveness

By: Alexander Baxevanis CC BY 2.0)
By: Alexander Baxevanis CC BY 2.0) | Source

Issues unfold for those lacking God Consciousness

The child ended up in a coma in that movie, and due to his mom allowing him to eat prior to surgery. Due to not following or being told ahead of time about the procedure and that the child couldn't consume any food it became the major issue in what caused this coma state, and due to the child vomiting blocking his breathing passage way.

The once prominent yet arrogant doctor was always all business, and neglected to follow a basic procedure to route around the food issue, because he forgot to use some special tube.

He desired to hide the facts about the reason behind the child falling into this coma. Little did he know that the child was going to die 2 days later due to other complications, and since when a person is brain dead, anything can happen, but for sure the inevitable occurred.

The doctor wasn't wise at all and further decided to continue to keep the truth a secret among his staff that were present. Eventually someone discovered clues to this horrible unnecessary tragedy. He didn't use any sort of good god conscious discretion to bring to light the truth, instead remained in a mode of unrighteousness towards the parents of the child after they questioned as to what went wrong.

If I were god - A random video located on YouTube

Religious locations on the globe attract millions

Praying in Monastaries

By: Indrajit Das CC BY-SA 2.5 License
By: Indrajit Das CC BY-SA 2.5 License | Source

Let us Pray for Forgiveness

Not a prayer in sight could help the poor young boy, and so something had to give. Eventually something did indeed happen, where the guy who discovered the wrong doing investigated much of the areas, he actually had smelled vomit on the kids hair when he was alive. This had surely gave him the very first clue as to what had occurred there on the operating table.

That Doctor was in for some serious battles soon to come, where the guy then proceeded to locate the parents of the child, and alerted them of the fowl play involved, and for the fact that the Doctor who operated on their child in fact was hiding the truth all along. They were shocked to find out these facts, and decided to sue the Doctor.

They got him into court finally, and when they did was confronted with some additional unfair, unrighteous issues. Where their attorney who was representing their case as the prosecution lawyer, had decided to be a double agent of sorts, and work against them with the defense attorney who was a boy toy of hers.

This spun the lawsuit out in all the wrong directions, and they were stuck in a rut facing a huge loss. Then making attempts to act as though she was fixing all of the issues with her playing unfair, and it was a mess with her siding with the defense, so the parents were forced to go a different route. This is where the initial guy who helped them to discover the fowl play act and cover up. Stepped in again and this time thought up a way to prove that the poor boys DNA would be found in both his hair samples sent to the laboratory for sampling purposes after the operation, and in his hair itself. He done this to also hopefully prove the timing of the coma's occurrence and that it had happened during the actual operation.

So what did I learn from watching that Movie

The title of the movie is irrelevant here, but what I learned from it was truly priceless. Being a person who firmly believes in god would of helped in this case with the Doctor to avoid from causing others due harm, and his errors in judgement, If he was true to himself, and others and believed in a higher power other than himself he would have admitted to making his grave error and that could have saved the poor young child by him taking full responsibility for failure to do the right job.

That's honorable in itself taking responsibility for your actions, so if a person chooses to confess and do what's right as a person of true integrity, and honesty "As they say god is watching us all" total loss of life could be prevented in many similar cases like this in true reality.

In Japan worship of the most high is done on a daily ritualistic basis and their cultural heritage and ancestry is truly beautiful

By: David Pursehouse, CC BY 2.0 License
By: David Pursehouse, CC BY 2.0 License | Source

Here's a religious documentary in the video down below

Those who are truly religious all know that having a god conscience has nothing to do with being superior to any other being on the planet. Quite the contrary it has everything to do with letting go of all earthly attachments, worries, and for such a humble person to bow down to the almighty one that isn't physical at all, but more of a spiritual being and entity many folks worldwide have worshiped for centuries. "Humility and showing compassion for all others is the key."

Giving praise to the one that has allowed us all to have life, to be able to breathe, and to prosper onward to better days. By making honest attempts to live a full prosperous life filled with joy, happiness, and good positive vibrations among others. Peace, love, and serenity becomes possible.

Many religions are present in the world, this is a good idea to question claims to arrive at a reality that lies behind them all

We need his divine support


Let's Hope and Pray for humanity

I've been hoping and praying for humanity lately, with all the recent madness going on with the Ebola outbreak, and people killing each other left and right may it be the police, or countless wars. We surely need some divine assistance to help us all just calm down a tad bit.

I pray that our creator of the heavens and earth chooses to allow us all to have peace for a change, and for people to come together in unity, and in a harmonious way. Hopefully the online gods can help us all as well, because we surely need it!

Prayers being sent worldwide for world peace


Family and God loving poll:

Do you love your family members much more today thanks to prayer?

See results

Loving Family more thanks to God and Belief in Him

There are people around this globe whom of which care to bring their families into the loop of their belief systems. Many born and inherit a religious perspective generally have no choice in the matter as to what they are to choose when they become an adult.

This could be the reason why social influence is a huge dynamic factor of which can steer some god conscious people worldwide toward the directions of self fulfillment, hope for a better life for their family by prayer, and fellowship into the belief of a higher power.

After giving it some much needed thought though, not every person born into a religion of their families choosing. Will actually adopt that belief for their own life and livelihood as well as the potential family they may be blessed with having in their future as an adult. This is something of an individual choice much of the time, even if some people worldwide get forced to stay in the belief system that they were born into.

Conclusion -

Having a god complex leads people away from what's important which is the love of family, or self, of community, and of thy neighbor. So it's imperative for us all to maybe say a prayer or two for the countless folks who have this sort of issue.

Let's hope humanity decides to wake up and someday come to realize that we aren't here for doing harm to one another, but rather to help each other to live happier more peaceful lives.

Oh and if you know fo this movie I covered here or think you do try to guess it's name.


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    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 3 years ago from New York City

      @Ann1Az2 Thanks for the cool comment you left me. I do hope humanity is listening. So many of us authors of the web pore our hearts out to humanity and hopefully someday more folks can do so as well, till we all see the same light of day and understanding adjusted to help better us all. God willing!

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 3 years ago from New York City

      Thanks @ahorseback for caring to read and comment.

    • Ann1Az2 profile image

      Ann1Az2 3 years ago from Orange, Texas

      Yes, we certainly need to pray for all mankind today. If there is one thing I believe, I believe that our Lord and Creator cares about us and loves us and we are called to love one another.

    • ahorseback profile image

      ahorseback 3 years ago

      Absolutely !

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 3 years ago from New York City

      @ahorseback Yes family is definitely where it's at, and I wish people worldwide would begin to start thinking about raising their kids in a much better wiser way so us humans won't have so much lack of love as we grow older.

      Love I think and the lack there of across the board needs some serious work. If we learn to show our children how to love, if those who are the most ignorant to many things in this life can somehow be trained to snap out of that ignorance, I think this would be possible. With prayer alone it won't work, but with the right world leaders in place in schools, and in the social worker departments things could surely shift on the home front.

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 3 years ago from New York City

      @whonunuwho thank you for the cool comment and I'm happy you liked my article.

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 3 years ago from New York City

      @colorfulone thank you so much for caring to give my article a go, and I'm happy you enjoyed reading it. I do hope humanity someday can change for the better, all I can continue doing for now is praying, and making this sort of effort in differing forms :)

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 3 years ago from New York City

      @Gypsy Rose Lee yeah I pray all of the time as well as try to help many people worldwide with inspirational messages, and as you already know by reading so many of my articles what I aim to achieve with them :)

      Thanks for being a caring person, and for sharing your truest thoughts with me. You sure are a good friend Rasma.

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 3 years ago from New York City

      @mary615 I know right. Some people in this world do things that make me wonder about them, selfishness is the cause for the most part I think, and upbringing as well as family values.

    • ahorseback profile image

      ahorseback 3 years ago

      Great hub , I like the simplicity of the conclusion . I am kind of a passionate observer of human nature in the simplest of situations , I truly believe that selfishness is a plague upon humanity of late . perhaps it's a part of the cycle of humanity for a decade or two and in the end , we might see a shift in the opposite direction . Somehow in America ,in particular , It's all become about "ME" I observe these character traits every day , people cutting lines , road rage , politics , celebrities lousy personalities , All one has to do to watch the worst in humanity is go to the market , or the doctors office , or to a college . Will it change ? You have it right though -it will begin with the individual , at home , with the children perhaps !.......Ed

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 3 years ago from Riga, Latvia

      Voted up and awesome. Inspirational message. The way this world is spinning crookedly I start and end my day with prayer. I always look to the Lord for a guiding hand. Let's hope that the world can be saved. Passing this on.

    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 3 years ago from United States

      I appreciated the message that you shared in this well presented work. whonu

    • colorfulone profile image

      Susie Lehto 3 years ago from Minnesota

      I really enjoyed reading this story and your message of love.

      Amen, in agreement with your prayers.

    • mary615 profile image

      Mary Hyatt 3 years ago from Florida

      This is a very good and thought provoking article. I wish everyone in the world would just live by the Golden Rule!

      Voted UP, etc. and shared.

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 3 years ago from New York City

      @always exploring oh yes it has been a very long time. The last time I wrote a hub or communicated with you was over 6 months ago, well the last time I communicated with you was over a year :)

      Thanks for caring to give this one a go! love is such a wonderful thing indeed and I just wish people worldwide would give it a try more than anything else.

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 3 years ago from New York City

      @Ericdierker yeah I do my best to tell the story that my mind got a chance to toss back at me :) I do hope its well taken by many, but if not it's all good bro! Thanks for the cool comment, and for sharing with me long time no see.

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 3 years ago from New York City

      @billybuc Heck yeah bro love is definitely the answer for us all worldwide. I had to revise this silly first draft :) to hopefully impress the online crowds if they ever are to discover this puppy. It's not the best keyword SEO style of an article, but heck I got tired of writing those all the time. I'm sure you know what I mean.

      Thanks for the cool supportive comment on this particular subject.

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 3 years ago from Southern Illinois

      Hello Mike. It's been awhile, nice to see you back writing on HP again. I agree, humanity is such a compelling word. Brotherly love toward all. Thank you for sharing..

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 3 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Great story telling, you really got me on that part. Your message is loud and clear. But of course you are preaching to the choir here.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 3 years ago from Olympia, WA

      I'll put my faith in the power of love every single is the only philosophy of life that makes any sense to me, buddy. Everything else is just background noise....all we need is love....but we also need people who are willing to allow love into their hearts.

      Solid let's hope and pray it is heard. :)