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If You Could Be Anyone In The World, Who Would You Be and Why?

Updated on August 19, 2014

First, I'd Be Myself

If I could be anyone in the world, past or present, I would say, "Yep, I'd be myself." God is looking out through the world, the world which is only a dream, through MY eyes. And, I'm the only one who exists, so I'm really the only one around. The rest is a dream. Sometimes it is a good dream and sometimes it is a nightmare. But, there is only me! Give that a thought! Yep, that is a nightmare, or it could be a dream come true. I guess it basically amounts to attitude!

Dedicate your life to doing positive deeds, thinking positively, thinking abundantly, and your life will start to change towards that direction, if it already isn't going that way....but start thinking negatively, thinking that there is not enough, limiting your boundaries, and that is precicely what you will create. If you think you will succeed, or if you think you will fail, either way, you will be right. Because, whatever you have in your mind, that is what will manifest outside of yourself.

BUT, RETHINKING THAT THOUGHT, yes, re-thinking that thought again, I would say that if I could see through the eyes of one other person, even for just a few minutes, I know that I would choose the one and only, Jesus of Nazareth. He is the model by which we should live our lives, whom we should strive to be like, to emulate. So, by actually being in his head and in his heart for even a few minutes, it would be an awesome experience, I should say; a most awesome transforming experience.

Maybe someone could come up with a simulated computer program or something, entitled, "A Day In The Life Of Jesus," which would follow Jesus on one of his most well-known and documented days, illustrated from his viewpoint, and go through one of the scripts that we know so well....I think it would be a great teaching tool.....Hey, any talented computer nerds out there, interested in doing this? One instance that I would pick would be when He was on the Sea Of Galillee in a storm along with some of the disciples and the water was very rough, extremely rough, and He was sleeping in the boat, but the disciples were really panicked....almost frantic, but he was cool, calm and collected. The only problem with this is that it would only be able to follow Jesus physically through the events, and it would omit his feelings. And, I think to fully comprehend Jesus one would have to feel what he was feeling at that moment; the love, the empathy, the compassion, the focus, the power of the Almighty.

You all might say that Jesus was positive, loving, and non-violent, and look what he attracted to be murdered in a horrible way. It is all a bit complicated, isn't it, and not so easily comprehended. For one, he said he was doing the will of the Father. What was that? It was to show everyone that "the way" is not an aggressive way, but a submissive way, the way of least friction. When someone slaps you on one cheek, turn the other one so that he can slap you on that one, too. Jesus had everything he needed. He was abundant, but not cluttered with junk. Everywhere he went, he was offered food, shelter, and repose...but he had no money. If he did need money, all he had to do was think of the amount he needed and, presto, some rich enterpreneur would come along and give it to him, people like his friend, Lazarus. He was trusting in the Father, that the Father would hand it to him when he needed it.

So I think that, yes, an hour in the mind and heart of Jesus would totally transform me, if such a thing were to be possible.


Jesus, our most perfect role model

Jesus Healing
Jesus Healing
Talking To The Woman At The Well
Talking To The Woman At The Well
Healing Some More....
Healing Some More....


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    • maricarbo profile image

      maricarbo 3 years ago

      Yes, Magnoliazz, being in the mind of Mary, mother of Jesus, would also be a tremendous experience! How did she feel about her son after the crucifixion? How did she cope with it? Did people support her or did they shun her?

    • magnoliazz profile image

      magnoliazz 7 years ago from Wisconsin

      You have some wonderful ideas.

      I am down on religion because of all the trouble it causes, but I am a Christain. Jesus brought people back from the dead, after that dead person was decaying. No one then or since has ever been able to raise the dead.

      How can people say that Jesus never existed?

      If I could be anyone for a day or see through another's eyes, as you stated in your hub, I would like to be in the mind of Mary, mother of Jesus. So many questions would be answered. I think it would be amazing.

    • profile image

      amazingrace 7 years ago

      awesome place to find the answer to "if i could be anyone". Shows a great point of Christianity and religion.

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago"the+ways+that...

      You'll never find the answers you're looking for until you're willing to question everything you believe in.