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If You Like A Couple Does That Make You A Shipper?

Updated on January 5, 2013
Damon and Katherine of The Vampire Diaries are currently my favorite couple, but does that really make me a shipper?
Damon and Katherine of The Vampire Diaries are currently my favorite couple, but does that really make me a shipper?

I don't really identify myself as a shipper. Yes, there are certain couples I like, but I don't behave in the way I've seen a lot of shippers behave. A lot of things I've seen some shippers do, has really disturbed me.

Shippers sexualize everything -- It used to be that people couldn't believe a man and woman could just be friends and we're convinced sex would have to come into it, eventually. You really saw that shipper belief in action on Law & Order: Special Crime Victims with Stabler and Benson. Add Criminal Minds Prentiss and Hotch to the list. Now it's being extended to same-sex friendships, as well. On Rizzoli and Isles shippers from that show want the two heterosexual females to become lovers. Recently, when TV Guide Online had a spoiler that Regina might find love, a bunch of posters wanted it to be with Emma or nobody else, even though Regina and Emma are straight and have only had relationships with men on the show.

Even more disturbing is some shippers even ship incest Be it a brother and sister having sex or two brothers, they want the two characters to become a sexual couple. They don't seem to get that it's very sick to be pushing for characters to commit incest. Sorry, but incest is not something anyone should ship. It's not romantic in anyway; it's ugly.

The sad thing is they could ship two siblings or two friends for their relationship. There's no need for them to be pushing for it to become something sexual. Unfortunately, that's what shippers do; they sexualize everything.

Shippers ship couples that don't exist -- Sometimes the two characters they ship as a couple have never even shared a scene together. It's like they're trying to force the shows they watch to make their fantasy couple a reality. The Vampire Diaries' Kol and Bonnie are an example of this phenomenon. Neither couple has ever shared a scene together, yet there's a shipping group pushing for them to be a couple. When executive producer, Julie Plec shot them down things got very nasty between this shipping group and her.

Before I can like a couple they have to actually have scenes together. They have to have chemistry together. And the story they have together has to be a good story.

Shippers Overlook Anything That Threatens Their Couple -- A prime example of that is what The Vampire Diaries' Stefan did to Elena on the Wickery Bridge. Elena is supposed to be the great love of Stefan's life and they're supposed to have this epic romance, but to beat Klaus he made her relive her parents tragic death as he made her think he was going to murder her and drive her off the same bridge they drove off. He also shoved blood down her throat threatening to turn her into a vampire. Pretty horrible. Pretty unforgivable. Then he put a cherry on top by leaving her stranded on the spot her parents died.

Right then and there that should have been the end of it. SE shippers acted like it was no biggie. And if the show wanted to continue with this pairing, you'd think they'd have had Stefan working his butt off to make it up to Elena what he did to her. Not only didn't Stefan do anything to make it up to Elena for what he did to her, he gave her a list of conditions she had to meet before he'd take her back.

If I ever was a fan of this pairing, which I wasn't, that would have been it for me. But a shipper overlooks vile stuff like this in the name of getting the couple they want. The DE shippers pretty much did the same thing when Elena got Stefan to break Damon's neck and acted like it was no big deal.

I'm a fan of Damon and Katherine and if I'd seen proof that Katherine loved Stefan, not Damon, that would have been it for me. I'm too anal to root for a couple where one person doesn't love the other person. I'm too logical to make up stuff to make the couple I like viable. And I can't ignore facts because they ruin my couple and make them a couple that shouldn't be together. That's why I don't think I should be labelled as a shipper, because I'm not.

I think there must be plenty of people like me that like a couple but don't indulge in all the shipper games that shippers do. But lately the minute you like a couple you're labelled a shipper and since some of the shippers are actually shipping incest and acting like it's something good and romantic and don't see it as the horrible thing it is, anyone that gets slapped with the shipper name is ridiculed.

There's nothing wrong with being a shipper if you want to embrace all it means to be a shipper, just like there's nothing wrong with liking a couple and not being a shipper. Shippers are people that form into groups, and individuals that don't become part of shipper groups aren't.


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