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If life leaves a film, go watch one

Updated on May 14, 2010

About Bernie, the Movie Guy

Y'know, several people I know suggested that I should start a blog about the things I know best in life...but the question I had to ask was, what do I, Bernie, the Movie Guy, know best in life?

I know, I know...the name says it all...or does it?

Forget for one minute that I have over a thousand movies in my personal DVD collection.  Forget that I've been a professional movie critic on local Syracuse radio, television, newspapers and the internet.  And forget completely that I spend more of my free time in theaters than the average cat spends time sleeping.

Forget all of that.

So what's left?  Hmm, let me think.  There's politics, writing, collecting, playing miniature golf...

And, oh yeah...there's riding 'em!  Really!

So what am I, Bernie the opinionated, controversial, extroverted, routinely offensive, unabashed, unrelenting, hysterical, descriptive, repetitive and humble (in a magnificent sort of way) Movie Guy going to write about in my blog?

Probably a little bit of everything...but I suspect it will be mostly about, well, movies.  (Well, duh, what were you expecting?  Chicken Soup for the outdoorsy challenged?)

With any luck, you might even get a hint about whether or not a film is really worth seeing...but I suspect you'll go whether I recommend it or not anyway, so if you're reading this, read it for the sake of enjoying my observations...not because you want real advice about movies.

Oh, and the rest we'll make up as we go.

I'm not in this photo

This really puts life in true perspective
This really puts life in true perspective

I've ridden almost 250 different coasters throughout the U.S. and Canada...if you want my opinions on a particular park or coaster, leave me a comment and I'll blog about it...

My take on current cinema

My rating
Iron Man II
3 stars
Definitely not as good as the first installment, but certainly worth taking the time to see.
The Losers
3 stars
Better than I expected for a movie with no star power...hope they do a sequel
How to Train your Dragon
4 stars
If you didn't see it in 3D, what are you waiting for?
All reviews are based on a four star system

Bernie's tough trivia challenge

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