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If you haven't seen should.

Updated on July 6, 2016

Sicario holds a 93% Rotten Tomatoes Rating!

Sicario Rated R - 2 hrs.

If you haven’t seen Sicario you should.

Released in the Fall of 2015, Sicario is a suspense/thriller set in contemporary times primarily in the southwest and Mexico. The film stars Emily Blunt (Looper, Edge of Tomorrow) as the idealistic and by-the-book F.B.I Agent, Kate Macy, who joins an elite inter-agency task force bent on bringing down a notorious cartel responsible for mass murders, including a bombing that killed a couple of F.B.I Agents. I’ll stop with the synopsis right there because one of Sicario’s main narrative devices is the way it keeps you in the dark just long enough not to be a mystery. But I will say that the film is more cat and mouse than police procedural, and much of the film rests on the shoulders of Emily Blunt and her Oscar snubbing performance. I enjoy films like these, especially with a female lead. Some action junkies would disagree, but this ain’t the macho 80’s and real heroes are both fierce and vulnerable. A combination most female actresses are inherently good at, and to be perfectly frank, Women can be bad asses too!!

Benicio Del Toro (above) Josh Brolin (Below)

The other characters

Co- Starring alongside Emily Blunt is another Oscar snub, Academy Award Winner Benicio Del Toro (Traffic, 21 Grams), as the elusive, ultra-focused and enigmatic right-hand member of the task force, Alejandro. There isn’t a frame in this crackling thriller that Benicio Del Toro doesn’t command as Alejandro. All you have to do is look past that rough exterior and find the broken eyes of man both predator and prey before realizing that Alejandro is just as vital to the story as Kate is. I consider this to be Benicio Del Toro’s best performance to date (which says a lot!). So much so that I am ashamed that the Academy didn’t at least consider him as Best Supporting Actor Nominee for 2015. :(

Joining him on this suspenseful ride is Academy Award Nominee Josh Brolin (Milk, No Country for Old Men) as Matt, the elusive leader of the inter-agency task force. Only an actor like Josh Brolin could have brought an eccentric character like Matt to life while keeping him grounded in reality. It may not have been a magic trick he has pulled before, but here, he lands it with subtly and finesse.

Kate and Alejandro

Without vision, no image can be made

A great film can't be so without a great Director

They say an actor is only as good as the Director, and Director Denis Villeneuve (Prisoners) quietly draws us in with white knuckle suspense while manipulating his actors, and us, into situations of thought provoking morality. Denis is also a tactician when it comes to pacing (the way the film is edited together) and as a result the film is a breezy two hours that blows over you with a methodical sense of direction.

behind every great director is a great camera man

The Eye - Roger Deakins

There are many aspects of this film that hover greatness. One of which is becoming as routine and predictable as a Starbucks on every corner. I am speaking of course of the virtuoso Cinematographer Roger Deakins (No country for Old Men, Prisoners). A cinematographer (director of photography, or DP) is incredibly important for any film, especially the director. A DP is responsible for lightening, color tone, and hue. They create the atmosphere, the mood, the world these character inhabit. Think about the Godfather and that gold saturated look. In the end, that gold color is just as important to the legacy of those films as the characters and story are, and no great film can reach such a summit without a great DP, and Rodger Deakins might just be one of the greatest to ever do it. For Sicario, Roger created imagines that mimic a western vibe. There is a lot of browns and reds, but behind those are gorgeous streaks of light that create sharp and lasting images. I know, I know, to the untrained eye this all seems geeky. Well, it might just be that.

Taylor Sheridan,an Actor turned Screen-Writer

And finally, the writing is on the screen

Of course, none of the above things I mentioned could have been possible without the writer, and what a first time script by Taylor Sheridan it was. Taylor is primarily known as a small time actor, picking up roles in CSI: NY and Sons of Anarchy. He also directed the 2012 dud, Vile, a Saw sorta’ rip off that lacked originality but had plenty of gore. But enough with that, and more about the writer Taylor Sheridan who has instantly jumped up on my radar as one of the most promising screenwriters since Oliver Stone (there, I said, and I can’t take it back!). His next film, 2016’s Hell or High Water, already holds a 100% rotten tomatoes rating!! One can only hope when he returns to the director’s chair he brings the same sharp authenticities and raw realities as he did with Sicario. Simply put, I cannot recall in the last twenty years a script so tightly written with real characters residing in such a familiar reality. Basically, he put to paper what our eye’s see and our ears hear – he captured our perception.

Sicario is Available on Blu Ray and DVD

You can find, and should purchase, Sicario on Blu Ray/DVD on Amazon.


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