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Iggy Azalea : Top 15 things She Wants You To Know

Updated on May 19, 2016


Iggy Azalea

Real name Amethyst Amelia Kelly. Born June 1990. Hip-hop recording artist and model from Mullumbimby, Australia.

Fairy Tale

If ever there was a fairy tale of a young girl that had a dream and was willing to travel to the big city to seek her fortune then Iggy Azalea epitomises it .....and then some.

Easy Career

She first decided she wanted a career in music when she was about 14 years old and estimated it would take 12 months before she got a record deal. Pretty easy really.

She sent a 3 song demo to all the record labels, but she didn't get a record deal until she was 22 years old, so it took a lot longer than she thought. She laughes at her naivety now.

Her Name

It was the name of her dog after Iggy Pop, the rock star. When her dog died she got this gold nameplate necklace made. She'd wear it everywhere and people thought it was her name. Azalea was the street that my family lives on.

Sixteen Years Old

When she was sixteen she decided to move to America, a massive decision for any 16 year old to make. Her mother saw her off at the airport amongst loads of tears. It was July 4th 2006 when she arrived in Miami. It was raining and there were lots of fireworks. It was Independence Day in the United States and Iggy saw it as a celebration of her arrival.

Austro-American English

I don't know if there is any such thing as an Austro-American accent, but if there is Iggy Azalea speaks it. It's probably due to the fact that since arriving she has travelled around a lot of American cities. The few thousand dollars she had lasted about six months, by which time she had got other jobs to see her through.


Talking about the Tupac track "Baby Don't Cry", she says it was the song that made her fall in love with music and also what started her Tupac fascination.


The song that brought Iggy Azalea to public attention was a controversial song named "Pussy"...the two SSs in the title being stylized by dollar signs (Pu$$y). The song went viral on YouTube. Since then she has taken the female rapper hip-hop world by storm.

It took around four years to get her album "The New Classic" released.


She's got a tattoo on her arm reading "Trust Your Struggle", which was on a sign board. She takes it as a sign to believe in your dreams.


She had a lot of issues with her original record company and felt they weren't behind her. At one radio interview she had to catch a bus to get there. The whole affair caused her a lot of depression.
She said : "It caused me to dip on everybody"


Iggy has been accused by some of having ghostwriters. T.I. being one of them, although he denies this adamantly.

Swaggy P

At the time of writing she is dating NBA athlete Nick Young or has he prefers to be called, Swaggy P. Nick, according to Azalea, thinks he has better hair than her whilst he says she overthinks everything.
"Women never overthink, do they?" asks Iggy.


Iggy Azalea has to get dresses that are tailored due to her size 6 on the bottom and size 2 on top.

Her pants have split on stage on three seperate occasions. "It went terribly wrong"


She prefers to work and record on her own. She doesn't like to work with other people (laughs). It distracts her. She compares it to writing an essay when other people are talking to you.

Her Own favourite Lyrics

Her own favourite lyric that she wrote was on her track "The Last Song".

"It's you that I'm trying to get to heaven with." She loves the sentimentality and romance of the words.

Crowd Surfing

She had to stop crowd surfing because people tried to finger her. Obviously she doesn't like it. Just because she's got a song called "Pussy" doesn't make it alright. Amazingly enough it's girls who try to do it more than guys. Now she was two pairs of underpants.


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