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Updated on April 3, 2013

I'll see you in Hell

One of America's most popular yet controversial comic characters comes to the big screen. Based off Todd McFarlane's comic of the same name, it tells a story of man, Al Simmons (Michael Jai White), who works as a government assassin, but he's killed in action and sent to hell, where he's recruited to be the new Spawn that leads Malbulga's (otherwise Satan) army in the epic battle between heaven and hell. Being watched by Clown/Violator (John Leguizamo), Spawn is forced to make a decision about his fate in the afterlife. Meanwhile, Al finds out that his wife married his best friend after he died. I know many fans could argue about the limited budget this film had for its' unsuccessful debut, but quite frankly it could've been a whole lot better. Heck, if the "Blair Witch Project" used only three thousand dollars and turn out to be a damn good film, then there's no excuse for this film, "Spawn." Even the Lord of the Rings series used seventy million dollars, for each movie, and those films received Awards and grossed a boat load of cash to boot. The acting in the film came off as too generic and the story seemed rushed with very little character development in mind. Leaving no cliches behind. As for the special effects, considering the film's budget of a measily fifty million dollars (in comparison to other sci-fi films of over hundred million) it was palatable, but even the CGI seemed like it poorly done. Overall, I think most fans of this comic will be disappointed.


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