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Im A Celeb cruel

Updated on November 28, 2016
Presenters of 'Im A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here' Ant and Dec.
Presenters of 'Im A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here' Ant and Dec. | Source
Ant and Dec compared to Morcambe and Wise
Ant and Dec compared to Morcambe and Wise | Source

I absolutely hate the programme on ITV1 'Im A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here' where the show introduces a number of celebs to living in jungle like conditions presented by Ant and Dec the so called Morcambe and Wise of today.

The celebs are not even in proper jungle conditions really situated some where in Australia. Its not like their living as Bear Grylls does at least not roughing it as he does. It seems behind the cameras help is available for these celebs all the time and obviously ITV1 will have insurance in case one of these celebs comes a cropper.

The two presenters Ant and Dec are compared to veteran entertainers Morcambe and Wise but I dont see it. I found Morcambe and Wise funny to me Ant and Dec are not funny they are just irritating and seem to be permanently presenting all entertainment shows on ITV1. They started off on kids TV prog 'Byker Grove' set in the north east of England and then went on to have a hit 'Lets Get Ready To Rumble'. Since then their star has gone stratospheric where they have become as described above a regular sight on ITV television.

The show gets celebs to undergo certain tests and whoever comes out on top at the end of the series helped by the voting public is declared 'King/Queen of the jungle' as far as I understand it.

The part of the show I hate is where live animals are used where some celeb is sticking a spider in their mouth or they are crawling through some tunnel to retrieve something and they are surrounded by rats or snakes or some other kind of critter. I find the whole business of using animals for entertainment which has largely been stamped out in circuses questionable and disgusting.

It seems entertainment in this respect where the audience gets entertainment out of seeing humans undergo various trials using animals as props has gone back to the Roman arena. Obviously in most cases the humans or animals are not harmed (we hope) and perhaps comparing it to the Roman arena is a little extreme, however, the idea is the same.

Even 'Im A Celeb' viewers have commented on Twitter that using animals in such a manner is not right and using them for our entertainment is immoral.

Ant and Dec facts.

1) Known in the beginning as PJ and Duncan

2) Made famous in 'Byker Grove'

3) Presented 'Gimme 5'

4) Presented their own show 'The Ant and Dec Show'

5) First BAFTA award

6) Presented shows 'Slap Bang' and 'Friends Like These'

7) Presented 'Saturday Night Take Away' and 'Im A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here'

8) Appeared in movie 'Love Actualy'

9) Presented 'Ant and Dec's Marathon'

10) Presented 'Pokerface'

11) Have been presenting 'Britains Got Talent' for a while now

12) Presented game show 'Press The Button'

13) Worked with Simon Cowell on 'BGT'

14) Took 'Saturday Night Takeaway' on the road

15) Presented music awards 'The BRITS'

16) Met Prince Charles


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