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Imagine If We Normal Folk Could Get Away With Using Celebrity Excuses (Kanye West)

Updated on September 16, 2009


Well now I have officially heard it all. Apparently on Jay Leno, Kanye West gave the excuse that his behavior of jumping on the stage, stealing the mic (and acceptance speech time) away from Taylor Swift to shout about Beyonce was due to his mother’s death…TWO YEARS AGO!!! What Beyonce, Taylor Swift and his mother’s death all have to do with one another I’m sure we’ll never know but as I listen to celebrity after celebrity explain away their bad or stupid behavior with excuses it makes me kind of jealous that we can’t use these excuses in our everyday lives. Imagine if we normal folk could get away with using celebrity excuses (Kanye West) – Don’t Get Me Started!

The first thing that always gets me is how so many celebrities are caught driving drunk. Never mind that they always seem to get off with six hours of community service while normal folk do prison time (which they should all do and they should never be allowed to drive again, period), the question I always have is why they’re driving in the first place? They’re going to a major Hollywood event that they spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to get ready for, what do they think they’re saving some money by not hiring a car for the night? And then once they do get caught the excuse list they give is something that makes about as much sense as the moral majority thinking they’re still the majority. I got stopped last night for speeding (not drinking and driving) but you didn’t hear me calling anyone a Nazi and getting away with it, are you listening Mel Gibson? Although I must say I always had wished I had the stomach to become an alcoholic. When you’re an alcoholic you can say and do whatever you want and then everyone behind you sort of whispers to one another, “Poor Scott, he was always so wonderful and nice to everyone until the <they soften their tone a little more> alcohol.”

Celebrity “complete exhaustion” – this one kills me. Celebrities are the most pamper lot in the world. Try being on a movie set for one day and you’ll see that they’re almost carried like a chihuahua from one thing to the next with several people tagging behind them to do everything but chew their food for them.  What are they so “exhausted” about? Live one day in my shoes you little babies and then you’ll get a sense of complete exhaustion. However I do think that we should all be afforded one “complete exhaustion” day from our jobs. You could only use the excuse once but how great would it be to call up and say, “I can’t come in today, I have complete exhaustion”?

Jesus when things are good and childhood trauma when things go bad. When they win awards, whether it be a music award and they’re a rapper who sings about fucking your brother and sucking your mother they thank Jesus. If they behave badly, they blame their childhood (or in Kanye West’s case with his recent bad behavior, his mother’s death). So thank you Jesus for the extra hits to my website this week and as far as me yelling at other drivers in traffic, it’s because of that piece of Styrofoam cup I almost swallowed when I was eight.

I get that celebrities and politicians get to live by different rules because they’re public figures. And while we’re on that subject, politicians make up just as many excuses as celebrities. The Senator Craigs of the world who are tapping their foot to get sex from men in the next stall who suddenly blame their “wide stance” for what they were doing claiming that they weren’t looking for sex at all to Senator Wilson’s outburst at Obama where he apologized but then later made excuses for his behavior, said he wouldn’t apologize anymore and then picked up $700,000 in campaign contributions for his “bad behavior” politicians use just as many excuses as celebrities.  

So let’s none of us take responsibility for any of our actions, shall we? Let’s all blame things from two years ago for our bad behavior, let’s all run amok with our sunglasses on acting like complete assholes and blame everyone else for everything we’ve done wrong. And when all else fails, say you were abused as a child. You can do almost anything in this world if you claim to have been abused as a child. That’s right from alcoholism to killing someone it’s all justified if you were abused as a child (or are a celebrity or politician). Imagine if we normal folk could get away with using celebrity excuses (Kanye West) – Don’t Get Me Started!

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    • amymarie_5 profile image

      amymarie_5 6 years ago from Chicago IL

      I always thought 'exhaustion' was Hollywood code for being high on drugs. I also am sick of watching them get away with everything. The whole Lindsay Lohan thing is a joke. They keep giving her chances and she keeps screwing up. If it were one of us nobodies we'd be spending a few yrs in jail. I guess judges are easily impressed by money and fame.

    • fireball34 profile image

      fireball34 8 years ago

      I agree with you Scott but you are a celebrity on the Hub!~

    • Triplet Mom profile image

      Triplet Mom 8 years ago from West Coast

      Scott - I am tired of everyone having excuses what happened to owning up to your actions. I thought his excuse was pathetic and was made simply for sympathy that I can not give. Although its not up to me to forgive. I wish I could use a celebrity excuse. I would have one for each and everyone of my actions. Great hub!