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Important Information on Ballet Dancing Positions

Updated on August 10, 2010

Important Information on Ballet Dancing Positions

 Ballet is often described as classical dancing.  While you can look at ballerinas and conclude that they look delicate and graceful, one thing you ought to realize is that they use lots of strength to do what they do.  The one thing ballerinas are commonly faced with is blisters and painful feet.  This is particularly true for ballet dancers who dance using what are called dancing en-pointe or toe shoes.  If you are to learn how to dance ballet, you must have the correct attire, which consists of tights, leotards and appropriate shoes.  You ought to ensure that the shoes fit you well or else you find it very difficult to dance well.

 After you register in a ballet school, the very first thing you will discover is that ballet has five distinct dancing positions.  These are said to serve as the foundation for the more complicated steps that you will learn at an advanced stage.  You will learn from the teachers the proper positions for the legs and arms for each one of positions.  You may also buy videos that illustrate the positions and put them into practice comfortably while in your house.  Either these videos can be obtained online or in stores that sell dance stuff.  Conversely, for a little amount of cash, you could employ professional instructors to give you training in the comfort of your home.

 You must keep in mind when performing these five positions a few things.  You ought to keep your neck in an elongated position, your chin tilted up, muscles in the abdomen flexed and your shoulders pressed up.  Nevertheless, taking care not to hunch the shoulders when pressing them down is crucial.  Once you have mastered the steps, you must then put them into practice.  You ought to have barres which are rails made out of wood commonly attached to wall, so as to perform this successfully.  You can practice the steps with the helps of these.

 It is crucial that you practice your steps for not less than twenty minutes every day to perfect them.  The steps have additional benefits in that they make the leg muscles stronger.  For more information on the ballet dancing position, you must conduct research on the internet or talk to professional ballet dancers.  One thing you must bear in mind is that while the steps can be very difficult, they can also be lots of fun.


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    • Marisa Wright profile image

      Kate Swanson 6 years ago from Sydney

      It's not a good idea to learn ballet at home. If you try to imitate the turnout, which is the basis of all the positions, you're likely to turn your feet out using the lower leg instead of the whole leg, and you'll end up hurting your knees.