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Important Tips on Taking Care of a Guitar

Updated on June 1, 2017

Choosing guitar is easy. You can just go to your nearest music store and just grab one. But we don’t have any idea on how we could make it last long. We all know how to play (for those guitar players) but the truth is, we don’t know how to take care of it. In this article, I will elaborate some of the important tips of taking care of a guitar.

Guitar is like a woman, to make it last long and perform well (setting aside the green joke), we should have to take care of it. Average lifespan of a guitar will last for about 3-5 years before all the components inside worn out and the metals rust off, this is if you just feel like playing it and just lay it all around after.

But did you know, that the more the guitar last long, the more the tone and the playing “feels” will improve? Yes, you heard that right. Believe it or not, there are guitars that last for about 50 years and to top all the goods in this, the value of guitar also rises up.

Not impressed enough? Just search Eric Clapton’s guitar how old it is and how much the value of it.

Tips on how to take care of a guitar:

  • Always, I mean always, change the string after 3 months: changing strings are crucial because this is where the tone of your guitar depends, and if you don’t change this it will rust more easily and most probably your fingers will suffer.
  • If you don’t have money to change your strings, just wipe it after you use it: provide some clean rug to clean off the sweat on your hand to prevent the rust build up, but you will see a black pigment building and it is normal as the shine of the metal fades away.

  • Clean the fret board with lemon or olive oil: It is also essential to clean your fret board with lemon or olive oil as it will help on fortifying the wood and also to prevent the wearing off the wearing the fret wires.

  • Get your annually guitar checkup: You have treat your guitar like a person. There are people that are called luthier, they are the guitar doctors. They can be mostly found in guitar stores or custom guitar factories. They’re the ones who check the guitar’s inside components and pickup if you don’t have any ideas on how to check your guitar all by yourself.

  • Check the guitar tension: This is also a luthier’s work, but you can do it also by yourself by checking the distance of the strings to the fret board, it must be at least a quarter of an inch away from the fret board by using a ruler. And to set it up, you can adjust the tension of this by adjusting the thrust rod near the tuning area that is covered with plastic casing.
  • And lastly, always play your guitar every thrice a week: While some people just buy guitars for display, for guitar players, we must play it. Just like every other appliances, it has an electrical component inside that needs to get working to make it last long.

It could really be a drag on purchasing and having a guitar while also taking care of it the same time. But believe me, all will be worth it if you decide to follow these tips on taking care of a guitar. You can pass off your guitar to your great, great grandkids and have a worth a hundred thousand for future.

© 2017 Hulyo Villanueva


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