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In Flames at the Revolution Live Ft. Lauderdale Florida 02/02/13

Updated on February 22, 2013
In Flames 02/02/13 RL FL.
In Flames 02/02/13 RL FL.


All of the content on this page belongs to me. I took the photos & video. All Source pictures are HERE on my Facebook account, and HERE on my Youtube account.

...Another Tour
...Another Tour

Another Year...

On 02/02/13 at 6:30pm, The Revolution Live in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida opened their doors to one of the greatest shows I have ever seen. Headlining this show was IN FLAMES, on their "Another year... Another Tour..." Tour. The night before they played on the 10,000 Tons of Metal Cruise Festival in South Florida. The opening Acts at the Revolution show were; BattleCross, All Shall Perish, and Demon Hunter. This was also the first show of the Tour. \m/

Mau, Me, & Mike.. Also, some random dude, But with an Eluveitie Tee!
Mau, Me, & Mike.. Also, some random dude, But with an Eluveitie Tee!

The night started out great, Besides a bunch of people asking if i had extra tickets! (I believe the show was sold out at this point). Then the venue opened the doors... and we rushed in. We bought t-shirts and drank some beer! The first ...I don't know... it felt like an eternity while we fought for great standing positions in this crowded place... But finally in our comfortable location, 30 minutes later the tech guys came out and started sound checking Battlecross. Whoa the hype began to intensify! But then... Our comfortable location wasn't so comfortable anymore. So remembering that we passed the V.I.P Both to our "Comfortable Location" I decided to go back and ask the security guard how much was the extra pricing to get into the V.I.P lounge...


So the security guard says "$50.00 per person or a 220 dollar bottle of wine". Not to bad for V.I.P, so i said hold up let me get my buddies... (Six of us went to the show together)

Mau, Mr. X,, and Mike.
Mau, Mr. X,, and Mike.
Scott & Rob
Scott & Rob


I rush back to the "Spot" Only to find three there.. I told them about the V.I.P situation, They all agreed to $50 per-person. But now i got find the other two; My best bro Mau and my nephew Mike... and i thought to myself "Great, i need to find two people out of a "Hay-Stack". As i'm rushing past the bar only to return to it to buy a beer,.. What?!... I got Thirsty! Then while i was drinking a cold Yuengling (yum)... I thought to myself " Text Mau & Mike and tell them to meet me at the bar.. 15 minutes later... Mau texts me back.. "Whats up". I tell him to meet me here at the bar. So they finally show up, and we all agree to to to V.I.P for sure.. (I felt bad because i was missing the whole Battlecross show during this time.) But sacrifices needed to be made.



    1. Breaking You
    2. Man of Stone
    3. Misery
    4. Kaleb
    5. Pursuit of Honor
    6. Push Pull Destroy


So finally I got everyone back together and we head to the V.I.P!!! What a great view we had now! This is where my nite began.. I'll be posting the Setlist and other info as we go along!

All Shall Perish Set up.
All Shall Perish Set up.



    1. There Is No Business to Be Done on a Dead Planet
    2. There Is Nothing Left
    3. The Past Will Haunt Us Both
    4. My Retaliation
    5. The Day of Justice
    6. Gagged, Bound, Shelved and Forgotten
    7. Wage Slaves

ALL SHALL PERISH sorta surprised me, I had only heard on song before this show and didn't really like em... But they put on a pretty good show! A few songs did have a pretty good vibe to 'em. it's no question that they are very talented musicians.

Demon Hunter


    1. Someone to Hate
    2. Undying
    3. The World Is A Thorn
    4. Just Breathe
    5. We Don't Care
    6. I Play Dead
    7. Collapsing
    8. Storm the Gates of Hell
    9. My Destiny

"Demon Hunter is described as a Christian Metal Band.. So at first I was like ehhhhh. But they played a really good show, even though it's not really my cup-of-tea. The vocalist sounds incredible, the drummer sings some parts as well which i thought was pretty cool. Not a bad band at all."


    1. Sounds of a Playground Fading
    2. Where the Dead Ships Dwell
    3. Pinball Map
    4. Reroute to Remain
    5. Embody the Invisible
    6. Cloud Connected
    7. The Hive
    8. Ropes
    9. Alias
    10. Fear Is the Weakness
    11. Colony
    12. All for Me
    13. The Mirror's Truth
    14. System
    15. Deliver Us
    16. Take This Life
    17. My Sweet Shadow


They played my favorite song COLONY! Ha! it was intense! Also just after the song started my nephew Mike decided to run down and crowd surf (0:29).. i got the whole experience on video.

COLONY Recorded by me.


The IN FLAMES show was the best concert of the year for me, and not only because they're my favorite band, but because of the setlist they played with older songs that they have been leaving out of their setlist over the years; Pinball Map, Embody the Invisible, The Hive, & Colony. These are all great old IN FLAMES songs that i have missed at previous shows. I'm always impressed by their musicianship and tight guitar work. I love the pyro & lights they use at their shows too. Also at the end of the night we stayed a little longer to meet the band. But as it turns out I only got to meet Niclas Engelin (Shook his hand and gave him praise for a job well done!). :-P


Thanks for viewing!

(i could have added a shit-load more photos but i think that i would be overdoing it.)



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