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In Praise of Derek Acorah

Updated on November 21, 2016
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Derek Acorah
Derek Acorah | Source

The Man - The Legend

If you are new to Derek Acorah - where have you been? Derek was one of the UK's top spiritualist mediums. Transported to fame on UK Living's top 'Most Haunted' TV show, Derek brought joy to the masses.

Sure, many people disbelieved that he really could speak with spirits. Many people believe that is an impossibility for anyone to speak with the dead. However, as an entertainer, Derek sure knew how to turn it on.

The Beginning

According to Derek's website, Derek's first brush with mediumship was after a visit from his late grandfather. Derek was just a child at the time, and when he confided this spiritual happening to his grandmother, she wasn't at all surprised. His grandmother confided to Derek that she too was a medium!

After a career in football, playing for his local side 'Bill Shankly's Liverpool Football Club', Derek became a full time 'Sprit Medium', based in his native North West of England.

Earning his Spiritual Stripes

Derek spent many years working studiously as a Spirit Medium in Liverpool. Word spread about his talents, and by way of local television appearances and a trip to Hollywood, Derek eventually landed his role with Antix Productions 'Most Haunted'. In the early days of mass multi channel TV in the UK, Derek quickly became something of a superstar.

“Ghost Background” by hyena reality, courtesy of
“Ghost Background” by hyena reality, courtesy of

Most Haunted

Most Haunted was compelling viewing for anyone with cable or a satellite dish. Sunday nights became 'Fright Night', as Derek and the rest of the ghost hunting crew visited spooky places in the dead of night.

All investigations started with a gentle walk around a haunted place, in the safety of daylight. Though when the sun set and the lights were turned low, Derek was unleashed on the location, and the spirits therein.

Derek would speak with his spirit guide, Sam. Sam would tell Derek about the spirits present, and how they came to their death. Derek would answer questions from the crew, such as 'How many spirits are here?' and 'What are their names?'.

Often, upon asking for a name, the crew would witness Derek changing demeanour. Derek could easily slip into a possessed state. This could become dangerous, so Derek usually left investigations quickly, frogmarched out between two strong men. This was for his safety, and the safety of others. Once out of the strong spiritual atmosphere, Derek would recover from his spiritual stupor.

Derek's Funniest Moment on Most Haunted

All Good Things...

Alas, all good things must come to an end. Derek left most Haunted in 2005. Despite the show continuing, without the undoubtable star, the programme fizzled to a halt.

Trust was broken when Parapsychologist Dr Ciaran O'Keefe tried to influence Derek, casting doubt over his true mediumship skills.

Kreed Kafer - Derek Faker?

From 'The Kreed Kafer Story'

''Series 6, Bodmin gaol, was the setting for Ciaran’s "test". Before filming began, making sure Derek was in ear shot, Ciaran mentioned to one of the crew members, that a spirit reported to haunt the gaol went by the name of Kreed Kafer, which is actually an anagram of Derek Faker.

Well you can imagine his surprise when Acorah was suddenly possessed by……You guessed it Kreed Kafer. He stated that this fictional Character was a South African Jailor, even going as far as adopting a Johannesburg accent.''

“From The Ruins” by hyena reality, courtesy of
“From The Ruins” by hyena reality, courtesy of

What is Derek Doing Now?

Despite the bad publicity, Derek continues to work to help people who wish to communicate with their dearly departed.

If you are interested in seeing the man for yourself, Derek's tour schedule can be found on his website -


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    • Kimberleyclarke profile imageAUTHOR

      Kimberley Clarke 

      3 years ago from England

      Thank you so much Nick!

    • Nick Bishop profile image

      Nick Bishop 

      3 years ago from Blackpool

      I found this hub very interesting.


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