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In The Nick Of Time: A Movie Review

Updated on September 13, 2011

I saw someone with the name of InTheNickOfTime77...and it brought to mind a movie I had seen called In The Nick Of Time, starring Johnny Depp. Whenever I think about that movie, and it is funny I should see someone using that name as I was actually just thinking of it again last night even though I had not seen it in over a year...I always wonder what I would do if I was in his position.

I can't imagine anyone watching this movie and not asking themselves that question. This man and his little girl are kidnapped, and his little girl is held as a hostage against him, with the condition that if he does not kill the governor they will kill his daughter. He does everything he can to find a way to save his daughter while not killing the governor, even to warning her that he has been sent to kill her. But they always seem to be one step ahead of him and it seems he simply has no choice but to kill her if he wants to keep his daughter from being killed.

I think about it and I would like to say I would do the same as he did. I would like to think I would choose the right thing no matter what...But is the right thing always black and white? Is it always clear what the right thing is? Sure, murder is wrong, but so is allowing someone to kill your child. On the other hand, if you killed the target and thus saved your child...well, the way I look at it is like this...If you give in to their demands and kill the target to save your child, what promise do you have they will keep their word and not kill your child and you as well...they are killers after all...And even if they do let you live, you will not only have the guilt over your head, they will control your life with blackmail. So really, it would make more sense to try to save your child while trying to save the governors life at the same time. If you kill, the guilt is yours...If they kill the guilt is theirs.

This movie is intense and action packed from the start, not to mention the little girl is incredibly cute. Johnny Depp makes a believable dad doing everything he can to save his beloved daughter. I am sure everyone has seen this movie by now...But if you haven't, it is certainly a must see.


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  • tlmcgaa70 profile image

    tlmcgaa70 6 years ago from south dakota, usa

    Thank you Eiddwen, I am glad you enjoyed it. Have a great day and thank you for stopping by.

  • Eiddwen profile image

    Eiddwen 6 years ago from Wales

    A great review and thanks for sharing.

    Take care


  • tlmcgaa70 profile image

    tlmcgaa70 6 years ago from south dakota, usa

    hi Parrster, lol, i know huh, been thinking about doing that myself. really good movies are worth watching over...and thanks for stopping by...have a great day...

  • parrster profile image

    Richard Parr 6 years ago from Oz

    Great movie, in fact, you've inspired me to get it out and watch again.

  • tlmcgaa70 profile image

    tlmcgaa70 6 years ago from south dakota, usa

    hi huba90...thanks for stopping by, i also like these kinds of movies, they are intense and make you stop and think. i don't have children of my own, but i do not find it hard to imagine what i would do if i did. i agree with you that i would rather die than let anything happen to them. wow! 20 stories and they lived...totally amazing!

  • huba90 profile image

    huba90 6 years ago from Egypt

    I really like this kind of movies,about the main question i think that i couldn't kill my daughter nomatter what,and i would rather be dead before anyone touch here.

    About what happens to her after that,only god can answer.

    Not from a long time ago someone here in Egypt felt from the 20th floor and guess what,he didn't die!!

  • tlmcgaa70 profile image

    tlmcgaa70 6 years ago from south dakota, usa

    Hi Cogerson, thank you for stopping by...and you are right...i should have mention Walken, he made an incredibly wicked bad guy. I never noticed about the time though, i was to caught up in the action, lol. i will have to make a point to notice it next time. thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  • Cogerson profile image

    Cogerson 6 years ago from Virginia

    Nice review of a movie that I am sure many of Johnny Depp fans might not even remember. Christopher Walken is great as the bad guy. The movie moves at the same pace as real time....just like the classic movie High Noon...when Walken tells him has 90 minutes to kill the is 90 minutes later in real time before the movie ends. Voted up and useful.