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In the universe Now you see me 2

Updated on August 25, 2016




Crimes are long and drown out. There are many people that have different views on what happened.

I would not want many speculating about my life. If I was a magic person who pulled off crimes, I would hope not so many people would be on my trail.

Also, there seems to be gossip that gets out of this Eye place. Secrets don't stay secret for long. For a secret organization that is suppose to keep people secret ... they are doing a bad job.

The Eye should have their own Youtube channel for goths and magic people.

The Eyes Living arrangements

I would not be able to live in such a run down place. Who knows who lives there. Some axe murder might be lurking in the shadows. This must have been where Jack The Ripper came to live after his murders.

There would be too much much dirt and dust clean all the time. But, not having to get a job would be a bonus. However, I have a kid, a kid that I am not going to keep out of school so that these EYE people can hide me.

New People to the Act

New people are accepted to the group. For no other reason than the group needs a woman in the Horsemen: a girl is added. I guess, I would have to show some 90s girl power.

I am surprised a Spice Girl did not make a cameo.

People from the past

People that the characters have not seen since the last movie or those they have not seen for a long time want revenge. They work for some bad person.

That would be strange for me. Some friend shows up to trick me to do something would be odd. I might not know what is going on in the first place. I might be tricked though out the betrayal.

I don't always recognize revenge. It is great to see people on screen get it. But, revenge does not work on me.


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