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Increase Your Chances of Selling Second Hand Stuff On Social Media Buy/Swap/Sell Sites

Updated on March 21, 2016

First things first!

On your social media that you are already using eg facebook, find yourself a Buy/Swap/Sell Group in your local area, there may be a few so read the pages rules and find out what best suits you, (too many rules can be frustrating).

Some Selling Group Pages only allow one pic (do the rules allow if you can comment with another pic?). The more good quality photos you have, the better chances of selling your item quickly.

Find out how often you can BUMP your post ie: make a comment yourself on your own posted listing to bring your listing to the top of the pages newsfeed, this way if you're mad keen you can set your alarm on your phone to go off when the time is allowable to bump your post again.

How Do You Look to the World?

Most people will want to know who they are buying stuff from, are you a real person and not just a scammer?

What image are you presenting? What does your profile pic and background say about you as a person?

What's visible on your public view? Is it offensive?

Do you look like a serial killer baiting people or do you look like an approachable sort of person? People looking to buy stuff will at least look at your profile pic and your public view. If you have some generic pic of a flowering shrub or a car and then no viewable other pics this can give the impression of a fake profile.

Work it baby! When someone clicks on your profile to see your wall make the first item on your newsfeed a link to one of your hubs/blogs (make sure its marked for public viewing) you can even be cheeky and link it to something else your selling on another site like ebay for example. And it doesn't hurt to Giveaway something on occasion just to generate traffic to your hubs/blogs.

Example of a good pic for an ad!


Photographing your item.

  • If your item is in amongst, or covered in other household crap for Gods sake remove what's NOT for sale, because it's a turn off.
  • Be sure to clean your item so it looks more appealing and gives the appearance of being cared for.
  • Try and photograph your item against a plain background eg. a clean wall. Avoid clutter in the background, it detracts from what your selling.
  • Get down on the items level to photograph it, for example you wouldn't photograph a dog from above because you don't see all of its body in proportion.

Example of a bad ad pic.


Make the ad title simple and to the point. Location (but not exact Street and Street Number, you don't want random people on your doorstep).

Try and think what questions potential buyers will ask and use that for ideas on how to write your description including the condition of the item.

Price your item. Try to avoid 'make an offer' in fact some Group Pages don't allow it. Do some research on what you're selling, look at catalogues, look up eBay's 'completed listings' to see what similar or the same sort of items are going for and what price. If you've listed your item for awhile, revise your price.

Check through the listings on the Page you want to put your ad on for similar or the same item, if you think they've got theirs too cheap, wait until their item sells before you list your item.

Try and answer inquiries as quickly as practical unless someone makes you a cheap offer in which case you'd ignore it for as long as it takes for a better offer.

Try and keep emotion out of it when answering inquiries or dealing with judgmental twits. I actually had to remove a post once because of the drama it caused WHICH is why you keep personal information to an absolute minimum and make sure your social media profile and newsfeed don't giveaway too much about yourself or your family either.

Play It Safe!

Arrange with the buyer to meet in a public place for your own personal safety. This is not always possible so try and have another person or people with you so your not home alone when the buyer comes to view the item.

Limit the area your viewing the item in, don't walk the buyer through your home and don't have other expensive items on show or in view.

Don't divulge too much personal information like what hours you work or if you're going on a holiday, you might come home to a cleaned out house.

Use funny images to BUMP up your post if you already have enough quality pics.


What's the weirdest thing you've seen advertised for sale?


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