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Increase your amount of leads

Updated on February 23, 2015

Leads, leads and more leads

You've already made an investment and before you can consider yourself successful then you need to get a return on that investment. The more leads you can generate then the chances of landing a gig increase. Here are a few things that you need to consider:

No school like old school

Don't underestimate how good flyers can work. Take time to go out and talk to people about your business. Saturday mornings at party stores have been a successful location for me. People are running in to get last minute items or plan the upcoming event. Regardless of you landing the business due to your smooth talking or the customer's desperation, your flyers need to be fun, informative and eyecatching. Make sure all of your contact information is on the flyer. Include your telephone, email address and website. Make sure you specify phone call, text message or both.

Every month has a holiday so piggyback on that. You should have flyers for all holidays (Easter, Christmas, Halloween, ect.) and events (graduations, cookouts, weddings, ect).

And finally, be read to talk about your services. Handling our flyers is going to create conversations on the spot: guaranteed. Be ready to go over your equipment, abilities, style of playing and prices. Be willing to offer special rates for last minute gigs, events that require you to dress up or participate and holiday rates.

Social media is a goldmine

It's hard to find someone now a days that doesn't engage in some type of social media. Capitalize on it. If your business doesn't have a Facebook community page by now then you are missing out on opportunities. Do your homework and see what others in your area are doing. People hire DJ's for their musical talens so showcase them. Upload your mixes to You Tube or Soundcloud (for free), interact with artist and other dj's and share your knowledge on Twitter or My Space (for free) and definitely look out for want ads or request around your community using Craigslist or Facebook community pages (again for free).

Online services

Online services are a great way to invest in your success. There are a ton of websites out there that can help you generate leads like, and to name just a few.

All of them offer great and affordable monthly subscriptions. The sites will feed you leads but it is ultimately up to you to capture the business.

Word of Mouth

Previous, satisfied, customers will generate leads. Playing events is just more than the music. If you have someone assisting you then that person should be busy talking to the attendees, handing our business cards, generating buzz and providing you feedback on what to play or what to stop playing but more importantly, they should be landing you more business. Again, consider offering special rates for people that attended this event or discounts for presenting that particular flyer.

Is your equipment suitable for the event?

Last but certainly not least: the more leads you generate, the higher the chances of landing a gig get but is your strobe light and disco ball going to be able to handle the high ceiling military ballroom?

Try not to overextend your self and quote the events that you feel comfortable completing and being successful in. If you are not equipped for high school proms then don't spend or invest time and resources in these events because you run the risk of losing money and tainting your reputation.

Everyone starts somewhere and in time you'll be able to upgrade your equipment and go after the big fish.


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