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Incredible 5 Animated Movies for All Ages

Updated on April 25, 2015

1. UP (2009 Pixar Movies) Greatest Scene

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UP - The Greatest Pixar Movie

The Greatest Pixar Animated Movies for the Whole Family!

Pixar's Top 5 Animated Movies for Families and Children
Pixar's Top 5 Animated Movies for Families and Children | Source

1. UP - The Greatest Pixar Movie

UP is the greatest Pixar Movie ever made to date. Its a family movie for everyone. It tells the story of a man with lots of dreams of adventure in life giving up his dreams to marry the woman he loves. They have a beautiful life and marriage, but in old age his wife passes away. Now he has to struggle with the pain of loss and choose between becoming a bitter, scenile old man and finding new purpose and meaning in life. He sets out on an adventure to fulfill a life long dream he had with his wife. Filled with with, humor, and compassion, this story will capture everyone's heart. It has so many lessons that are great for family discussions and interaction with children. This movie is one of the most meaningful and creatively produced movies that Pixar has ever put out.

2. Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2 Greatest Minion Scenes

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Despicable Me - Legendary Pixar Movie

2. Despicable Me and Despicable ME 2

The Despicable Me Series is a two movie comedy series that follows the life of a wanna be villain. Although he sets out to be a villain he often fails at it. In the course of trying to commit the most villainous act in history, he meets three little girls and they impact his life in a way to change him from a villain into a hero. This series examines themes of inadequacy, poor self image, and the power of love and kindness in a person's life.

3. Brave - Clips Not Shown In Pixar's Movie Brave

3.) Brave - Greatest Scottish Pixar Movie

Brave is a great movie about mothers and daughters, parents and their children. It is the story of a young girl, a princess whose mother wants her to fit stereotypes of what a girl should be in their culture and aristocratic setting. But she is young and adventurous and doesn't want to be forced into a marriage. She would rather be shooting her bow and having adventures. The themes in this movie focus on the relationship between the mother and daughter as they both learn the consequences of having their own way no matter what. The girl comes to realize that she can destroy the Kingdom when she seeks what she wants with disregard to the consequences. The mother comes to learn that while a parent with responsibility and authority, she also needs to give her daughter freedom to grow and blossom into her own person. This movie is set in a fantasy Scottish Kingdom, and is themed around stereotypical Scottish culture including music and dress. The film music is amazing! This is definitely in my top 3 favorite Pixar movies.

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Brave - Great Scottish Pixar Movie

4.) Wreck It Ralph - Brilliant Pixar Movie

Wreck It Ralph is one of the most brilliant Pixar movies released so far. The setting is in the world of Arcade video games and brings to life a whole cast of characters that live inside the world of video games. Its a movie that explores themes of good and evil and the stereotypes that accompany them. It draws a distinction between real evil and perceptions of false evil. Ralph is a video game character who plays the role of the bad guy in the video game. Without his presence to do his job in the video game, the game would be considered broken and put out of commission. The other people in Ralph's video game do not appreciate him, only seeing his identity in his role of being the bad guy destroying the building. But as they come to realize that his badness is just a function of his job in the game, they come to see him as an important part of their ability to operate and they begin to change their attitude towards him. Themes in this movie focus on concepts of not fitting in and being different from everyone else. This is a movie that can lead to great discussions with your children.

What is your favorite Pixar Movie?

What is Your Favorite Pixar Movie?

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4.) Wreck It Ralph - Brilliant and Creative Pixar Movie!

5. Epic - Great Movie About Ecological Balance

Epic is another fantastic creative movie from Pixar. This movie depicts a war between the plant life; the creatures that protect it, and the creatures of the soil that like to create and foster decay. It twists the natural cycle of plant and soil life and pits them in a war against each other where the forces of decay are always seeking to create and imbalance and create a wasteland of the plant life. Extremely creative, visually stupendous and stimulating, this film is a great story with a cool plot that will give rise to great conversations with kids about ecological care and green living lifestyles. I highly recommend this film for every family.

Epic: The Great Ecological Pixar Movie

Watch Epic Streaming Online

Epic: Pixar's Amazing Movie About Ecological Balance

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