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Incredible Hulk #181

Updated on March 7, 2013
The cover of Hulk 181 as you can see it looks really cool.
The cover of Hulk 181 as you can see it looks really cool.
Inside view of one of the pages of Hulk 181.
Inside view of one of the pages of Hulk 181.

The Incredible Hulk

Just the name Hulk should bring back some important, and rather, "fun" thoughts to mind right?

Well, if you were anything like me (totally a comic geek and addicted to Marvel and Dc) then you would remember the Hulk quite well.

The incredible Hulk is one of a kind and one of Marvels most famous superheroes.

Doctor Bruce Banner became the Hulk after a gamma radiation freak accident, and became his very own monster.

He has always been battling against himself, and trying to get rid of the Hulk, but not much has stopped him from unleashing the Hulk when he gets mad.

Nice, smart Banner becomes a ruthless giant beast called, "The Hulk" when you get him angry and then he goes off. The Hulk is not anywhere near the word "smart" and I think the only words he really knows are puny, Betty, Banner, Hulk smash, and Hulk.

He has a very short vocabulary, but what he lacks in grammar and intelligence he makes up in brute strength.

There is probably no other hero in Marvel quite as strong as the Hulk, and that's what makes him very unique.

Know that you know more about the Hulk lets get to the comic Incredible Hulk issue 181.

What Makes This Comic So Special?

Well, your probably wondering what's so special about this comic book right? Let me tell you this comic is the first appearance of the Wolverine. Yeah that hairy guy with the big adamantium claws, and is always in a bad mood. Yep, that's wolvy alright, and this is the comic he first appeared in. This comic is a very hot item on the market, and if you have the opportunity to get your hands on a good solid copy don't let it go to waste. I've always wanted this comic, but am waiting for the price to come down to a little more "reasonable" price. Currently these comics are going at about $500 in fine condition with the Marvel Value Stamp. Comic collectors always are on the hunt for this issue, and Wolverine is one of the most famous heroes out there, and that makes it special. Most people think Wolverine came in Wolverine issue 1, but that's a very big lie. He first appeared in Hulk 180, but that doesn't exactly count since it was a cameo on the last panel of the comic. Hulk 181 is the first full appearance of Wolverine, and since Marvel is constantly making Wolverine movies this comic will continue to get more expensive.

Marvel Value Stamp

The Marvel Value Stamp is a very imprtant factor to check when buying this comic, other than the grade. The stamp is supposed to be a collectors item and most people would cut the stamp out so they can collect it and hope it will get expensiver, WRONG! In fact it became the complete opposite, and the stamp alone is not worth anything. If you are buying a Hulk 181 comic, be sure to check the stamp, and if there is a whole cut out where the stamp is supposed to be. A comic with a missing stamp loses almost 1/2 of the value so you need to check what you get. Well, hope this article helps, and good luck with getting the comic sometime!

Marvel Value Stamp

This is the picture of a Hulk 181 with the Marvel Value Stamp.
This is the picture of a Hulk 181 with the Marvel Value Stamp.


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