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Indian Classical Movie - Gulaal

Updated on May 22, 2016
Dukki Banna, Ransa and Dilip in conversation. Bhati standing behind.
Dukki Banna, Ransa and Dilip in conversation. Bhati standing behind.

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Gulaal- The Gem of Indian Classical Cinema

In my quest for off-beat gems in Cinema, I chanced upon this movie,'Gulaal'. And I must say it's a mind blowing artistic piece of work. The film based in Rajasthan deals with the Dark sides of power, royalty , quest for legitimacy, hypocrisy of the once elite class, a fictitious secessionist movement , Ragging and Politics of University Students .No film certainly has portrayed the anger and undue demands of the feudal class so well as this one.

The best part of the film I found was the brutal satirical lyrics, most of which were penned by Piyush Mishra. For instance, the lyrics of one of the songs go as:

"Jaise door desh ke tower mein ghus jaaye re aeroplane

Jaise sare aam Iraq mein jaa kar jam gaye Uncle Sam"

(reference to 9/11 and Iraq War)

On similar lines, there is one more song Infused with fervor and vigor, it’s a call to battle which I feel has been one of the most energizing songs in a long long time, Inspired from Rashmirathi, a creation by Rashtrakavi Ram Dhari Singh Dinkar, whose few lines go as:

"Vishwa ki pukaar hai, ye Bhagwat ka saar hai

Ki yuddh hi to veer ka pramaan hai

Kauravon ki bheed ho ya Pandavon ka need ho

Jo lad saka hai wahi to mahaan hai"

What makes the movie so impressive?

The lyrics are so powerful that many a student leaders around the time when the movie was released, carried on their political campaign with it, which could set even your pulse racing with a rush of adrenaline.

According to Wikipedia This film is said to be a tribute to Sahir Ludhiyanvi, a poet who had a distinct vision for India; and depicts how that dream has been shattered. The “O Ri Duniya” song is a tribute to Pyasa’s “Ye Duniya Agar Mil Bhi Jaaye to Kya hai “

The actors were as if they were custom made for their roles. Every cast could leave an impression, no matter how small. K.K. Menon (Dukki Banna) , Deepak Dobariyal (Bhati), Mahi Gill, Aditya Srivastava, were at their best but my favourite character was 'Ransa' aka Rananjay Singh the spoilt Grandchild of Maharaja , played by Abhimanyu Singh. With his dialouge delivery, his thought process and his classic Royal Enfield he could capture the first half totally by himself. The plot of the story is like a noose which tightens as the movie progresses.

Trailer of the movie Gulaal

The Most famous Dialogue by Key Key Menon

The ending punch

Unfortunately the film was not a success when it was released but it has gained HUGE cult following overtime. Well it's one of those must watch-movies-before-you-die and you would certainly find a new angle to it, whenever you watch it. yes, every time you watch it. This movie is the reason why Anurag Kashyap is one of the best directors of the country.


Stardust Awards
Best Breakthrough Performance – Male
Abhimanyu Singh
Stardust Awards
Standout Performance by a Music Directo
Piyush Mishra
IIFA Awards
Best Supporting Actor
Abhimanyu Singh

Star Cast of the Movie


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