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Independent Film Projects: The future style of presenting one's creative genius.

Updated on September 5, 2011

I’m a huge fan of doing it myself. This allows you to see that how far you can dream on.

The market out there has a different psychology. There is nothing wrong about the set industry standards or professional guidelines. It shows that even these popular and developed techniques were once young, novice and unknown.

There is so much happening around that it is difficult not to take a note of it. Even if we go out and end up shooting ten different events on a camera, it would inspire us a little more to believe in it.

All you need to know is to hold the movie-making machine!

Try to visit again and imagine how you would have reacted back then. The good part about independent movie making projects is that it gives you ample amount of space to experiment with different things. The “Freedom” aspect serves the underlying purpose.

Movie making is like a different life moving along on parallel lines. On one side, we have natural forces like things we are trying to figure out. On the parallel side, we try to accomplish what we have understood so far. So, movies are either questions asked in the form of answers presented or answers which only inflict more pain and misery.

Independent movie making projects are widely entertaining. There is less fear or danger of falling to the menial tasks of ‘doing it for the audience’. It does not ask for whole lot of investments to be made. The aspiring film-makers can start it with a script and bunch of non-established actors. The major difference is that people can now think of movie-making as an exciting career option. We can take professional equipments like camera, lighting and studios etc on rent. It is easily available than ever before! People can also use basic camera models to shoot the film. This might not be an attractive option.

So, what?

It is more about the vision that you had captured in your mind. The projection of ideas and presentation of thoughts is again, an extended part of the responsibility.

The recent success of independent projects has installed a new belief, a new ideology. Online media galleries have transformed the whole world into one common audience hall.

I can’t stop myself from talking about my own desire to do it, on the first given opportunity.

When you think about the kind of films or subjects which have never been thought of before, it makes you “Run through the walls.” The light shines through your heart!

There is this simple Universal law that ‘everything you see is a reflection of truth and not the truth itself.’

In an identical way, my movies would not be new or old in appearance. It is just going to stand between what I have observed over all those years and what I wanted it to be.


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