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Independent Film Review - Gigantic

Updated on August 31, 2010
First Independent Pictures
First Independent Pictures

Gigantic Film Review

Gigantic was an Independent film released in 2009 and is a romantic/comedy directed by Matt Aselton. It was produced by Mindy Goldberg and Christine Vachon, however some claim that the star Paul Dano was also the executive producer. The film is based somewhat upon the director Matt Aselton's own childhood memories of requesting his parents adopt a Chinese baby because he wanted a younger brother or sister. His real life younger brother also fascinated by the idea, did later adopt a baby.

Many people criticize this film for being too indie, and complaining that it is another 'youth whining' film but isn't that a generalization or stereotyping of personalities? I admit it is not promoting one of my top priorities or issues but overall I found it an optimistic and interesting story line which provided me light entertainment. Not to mention it stars the wonderful and quirky 'actress, singer and songwriter' Zooey Deschanel.

Zooey Deschanel modeling picture
Zooey Deschanel modeling picture

Story Line

Paul Dano play the lead role of 'Brian', a mattress salesman who's is in his late 20's and is yet to settle down, find a partner and manifest his goals in life. One of his biggest dreams in life has been to adopt a Chinese baby, we are never told the reason for this, but we are left to interpret that he is a sensitive, decent guy who has chosen to seek change in the world by directly helping another person.

The story line flows along with Brian's agenda to sustain the financial resources making him capable of undertaking such a huge responsibility. His luck changes for the good when Harriet or 'Happy's(Deschanel) dad visits Brian's mattress store and purchases the most expensive Bed there. Harriet arrives on her own the next day in order to cover the check on her dad's behalf, falling asleep on one of the bed's whilst Brian produces the invoice papers for receipt of the bed.

Harriet trying out bed at mattress store
Harriet trying out bed at mattress store

Brian quickly falls for the beautiful Harriet and after they establish an immediate friendship at the mattress warehouse. The next day Brian is requested by his manager to help deliver the bedding to Harriet's dads(played by John Goodman) apartment and whilst there is asked by Harriet's dad for a favour. Harriet's dad has been suffering from back pains and asks Brian if he could drive him to the doctors with directions from Harriet. Whilst her dad is receiving a diagnosis from the doctor, Harriet makes the initial move towards a romantic relationship with Brian when she suggests they have sex in her dad's car.

Harriet seductively whispering into Brians ear on their 2nd date
Harriet seductively whispering into Brians ear on their 2nd date
Harriets dad played by John Goodman
Harriets dad played by John Goodman

Following the preliminary bonding between the couple, Harriet's dad invites Brian to come for dinner with him, Harriet and some work friends, this adds to the humour of the film because we get to hear about Harriet's dads opinions on their relationship since he is a wealthy yet humorous and easy going character. To add to the bizarre nature of the characters, we also find out that a obscure and somewhat eerie homeless man who has been following Brian from the beginning of the film, persists in trying to harm Brian on his way to the restaurant, firing a pellet gun from out of view and the two later engage in a bare knuckle scuffle.

Another character we meet is Brian's friend that works in an animal testing and research lab, is another surreal and amusing particpant, who lives, sleeps and drinks from test tubes in the his place of employment.

Brian's friend
Brian's friend
Brian after a beating by homeless man
Brian after a beating by homeless man

Just when Harriot believes everything is coming together and she has found a man she considers interesting and committed, Brian breaks the news of his great achievement in attaining a Chinese baby to adopt. The problem being he will have to up and leave to spend a short tentative period with the baby in its home country, Harriet, being unsure of commitment calls announces she is thinking of travelling to Paris to take a course as a chef, something she has no previous experience in.

We are then taken to a scene where Brian is spending time with his Father Mr Weathersby, his father explains to his older brother's how 'Brian will get where he is going in his own way'. The conclusion to the film involves Brian throwing a party for the arrival of his new child back home, inviting his mother, father and brothers around, and more importantly Harriet.

Baby arrival in U.S scene, Brian's dad left played by Edward Asner
Baby arrival in U.S scene, Brian's dad left played by Edward Asner
First Independent Films promotion poster
First Independent Films promotion poster


Harriet is somewhat enjoying Brian's reunion with his blood related family and new found members when she is asked to join Brian's mother on the balcony of the new apartment. Brian's mother explains her difficulty in relationships when she was younger and reassures Harriot that she needs to embrace the love she has with Brian and not to be scared of what responsibilities lie ahead.

To finish up on this film, I want to emphasize some of the 'moral's to the story' which I believe in no way are preaching, instead inspiring for the younger generation of viewers. I particularly liked the way Brian overcame his financial burdens and strived for the best he could achieve through adversity, I also liked the way 'richgirl' Harriet develops her personality, maturing and also gaining a sense of direction. The happy ending where the couple reunite, and the adaption of humour to romance create a film which leaves you with the feeling that even in the most unusual relationships anything can be achieved when you apply self belief. The wisdom of Brian's dad which uphold's faith in his son's choices gives you a warm feeling that you get when you have loved ones to support you through adversity.


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      8 years ago

      Great review/outline.


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