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Independent Music! An Exciting Alternative!

Updated on July 8, 2012

Being brought up in the sixties and seventies, I normally listened to the radio on my free time; this would lead to buying LPs and 45s. Yes, I grew up when vinyl was still king. There was only one place for music and that was the radio, in some cases American Bandstand. Different radio stations catered to different tastes, but the source of the music was pretty much the same. The record companies and music agents pretty much dictated what the audience was listening to.

Things have changed in the past fifteen years. With the internet, the way we experience music has evolved. With sites like MySpace and, the public is being introduced to many new voices and styles.Musicians now have the option to self promote and to build up a fan base through the internet. All I can say is that this is very exciting era for the listener.

I have been listening to independent music for almost ten years now; some of the most talented artists are yet to be discovered. There are hits on the internet, waiting to be hits on the official airwaves and MTV.I have listened to some really great songs through independent music sites. I have downloaded some of these songs and I enjoy listening to these artists even more than mainstream music at times.

My experience with independent music began ten years ago,when I became a reviewer for a very popular music promotion site called and I have had a great deal of fun reviewing and listening to some truly talented individuals. The songs range from all categories, so whether you enjoy Gospel Music or Heavy Metal the choice is yours.

Creativity knows no bounds and on sites that promote independent music, I get to listen to music I would not find on the radio. It’s wonderful to be able to hear artists experiment with new types of sound. Many styles of music would not exist today if artists did not have some inventive freedom.

Of the artists I have come across on there are a couple of artists that just take my breath away. These two artists have very different styles, but are both are truly amazing. One of them performs music from the eighties, Anadmayi and some songs he is working on at the present. I’m a big fan of eighties music so I was really exited when I heard his music. The other artist totally amazed me with his beautiful voice and the melody of his one of his songs, this song kind of reminded me of some songs by the Who with some REM mixed in.

Sol Aka Jere Faison

Video YouTube by Sol aka Jere Faison, The music is "Ma Anandmayi"

Sol, The Eightiesand Beyond

Being a huge fan of eighties music, I was really excited when I heard “Mankind (Blow your Mind)” it brought back memories of such great eighties bands, as Boys don’t Cry and Men without Hats. With its engaging melody and great hook, I really enjoy this song and that made me really want to know more about Sol and his music.

Sol (who’s given name is Jere Faison) began writing music at the age of nine, and he even started his first band at that age; the name of his first band was Urban Blight. Sol and his partner Keene Carse played with Urban Blight for ten years, even though Carse is still with Urban Blight, Sol left to go to the Berklee College of Music with his long time love, Elaine Vazquez.

Sol and Elaine later moved to Boston in 1981 and formed a band called Meta Terra. In Meta Terra, Sol also performed with Jon Karr, Lamar Lowder and Brian Pachham. Meta Terra was very successful and was on the verge of being signed to Chrysalis Records in 1986 when tragedy struck. Sol’s fiancée, Elaine was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer and died soon after. As a result of this tragedy, the band soon broke up. The song, “Mankind(Blow Your Mind)” was one the songs that Meta Terra was going to release at that time. Sol has recently redone this song, if you would like to hear it just click the link above.

During that time, Sol tried to deal with the pain of loosing Elaine by getting involved in several musical projects in Boston area. He produced several artists in his studio, Infinity Studios. Several band she produced were Club d’Elf, Patty Barkas, Batwel, Rada and Common Thrill.

Sol also has a huge repertoire of music in the vein of Anadmayi which is also known as Acid Jazz, Drum and Bass, Techno-tribal, and Trance Ambient. Sol made two albums in this genre titled Trance Missionary,and Aquadyad.

Currently Sol is working on several songs. These include:

  • Tumblin' Down c.2009
  • Silver Lining c.2009
  • The Long Way Down c.2008
  • Plasma Spangled Skin c.2008

Sol moved to the West coast two years ago and is working with Patty Barkas on their new song “Ordinary Life” He and Patty have collaborated over the last few years on several albums. If you want to listen to more of Sol’s music just visit his official site, and experience more of Sol’s fantastic music.

Brian Mason Back Stage

Video YouTube by KidBrianMusic -- Music "Words" by Brian Mason

Brian Mason, His “Words” Amaze me.

I came across Brian Mason’s fantastic song “Words” when doing reviews for and all I can say is wow! This song really has hit potential. Brian has the kind of sound that reminds you of REM. He has a fantastic voice and the melody of this song just grabs you from the beginning.

Brian Mason and the Arrivals embarked on a solo project that has been triumphant with many of his fans. He has an album out on CD Baby titled Almost There which features nine of Brian’s well sculpted and unique tunes. Brian has been promoting Almost There with his band the Arrivals in a tour across Canada last year.

A few of Brian’s latest songs are the following.

  • Soul Chaser
  • Letters
  • Words
  • Take Me As I am
  • Boy Into a Man
  • The Climb

If you want to experience the magic of Brian Mason here is a link to his own website.


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