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India Westbrooks

Updated on December 5, 2015

India Westbrooks


The Parents



Born February 3,1996 in California this young Socialite has gained much attention from the internet. Her fame started out from a Tumblr blog she had in 2011. She has 4 sisters and 2 brothers. Her four sisters are Morgan, Brooke, Crystal and Bree. Her two brothers are Blake and Pop. Her parents are Candice and Warren Westbrooks , successful business owners before all of the fame took place.

The Family


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Allegedly India is no stranger to dating wealthy , famous guys it is said she has been with Justin Combs ( P. Diddy's son), The Game (rapper) , Soulja Boy ( rapper), and Brandon Wimberly (NFL player) . On the other hand she has had a popular relationship with her high school boyfriend Ron Robinson. The two were frequently seen all over social media as the "it couple" that many saw as goals until their off and on again relationship ended.

While most may consider India stuck up, full of herself, cocky, arrogant, and gassed up. Yet people are making those assumptions based on her Instagram of constant selfies and frequent smiles not showing the sadness that can come with the constant hate. There are hate pages dedicated not only to bashing India but all of the Westbrooks.

In the show India has admitted to being a victim of bullying at school and online. With the bullying at school India would hide in the bathroom stalls during lunch because she had no friends and desperately wanted a break from the torture. Also with not only that the cyber bullying hasn't been any better and still continues to this day. With all these bottled up emotions India would frequently run away from home and started cutting herself. Sitting with a therapist India expressed why she would cut, she stated it was to show people that the bullying is really getting to her and maybe they would stop.

Now with this being said people should know this is how India flourished into the beautiful blossom she is today. Her confidence exudes through her pictures and personality. She also spoke to a youth group about her experience and offered her advice. This goes to show how a person can be labeled negative without knowing this person's struggles.

Fun fact - India's boobs aren't fake, she actually wants a reduction.



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The Westbrooks


The Westbrooks Show

Initially their claim to fame solely started on social media to the big screen. Most may not consider making money online a real or credible source of income or even an occupation. Clearly this is not true for the Westbrooks and many others like them. First they had a vlog like show on YouTube which transitioned into a more professional Television Show airing on BET.

Their show basically shows everyday family life for them, the good and the bad that comes with it. The show gets very personal and unlike other shows their isn't much scripted cattiness such as other popular "reality shows".


  • India "The Model" India's got her initial social media buzz from her old Tumblr days which built her fan base. Now on Instagram with over a million followers she is able to make a living off that plus her own show. Also she has had her run around with hackers in the pass trying to stop her money flow but she'd come right back up.

  • Crystal "The Hippie"- The sweet earthy sister of the bunch is the girl with the big hair you can't miss. Crystal has recently got into acting which she says she wants to take seriously.

  • Morgan "The Biker"- Being the tom boy of the group she defiantly knows how to ride a bike but she's using her huge plat form to start doing music. She has a feel for the old school rap like artists such as Foxy Brown and Lil Kim while liking some new school artists such as Nicki Minaj and Dej Loaf. She says she wants to give her following "that real" with a classic old school spin on it.

  • Brooke "Boss Chick" - Has a successful business all while being a mommy. She has always been into fashion even in high school. She and Morgan made and sold clothes in high school. She sets to accomplish making clothes for women at an affordable price and keeping mom's "snatched" with a waist trainer.

  • Bree "Plus-sized Model"- Being a plus sized fashionable girl she has inspired of a lot of women. She wants to make other plus sized girls feel good while being an example of how good they can look with her modeling.

  • Warren- (Dad)Being the busy guy he is he has made it an point to give his family what he didn't have growing up. Running successful businesses he has accomplished that.

  • Candice-(Mom) Being the backbone of the family it can get tough but this strong woman has withstood the obstacles.


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