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Indian Actresses 14 - Bollywood and More

Updated on January 11, 2017

Priyanka Chopra, Priyamani, Rakhi Sawant, Raveena Tandon, Ramya and more.

Here is my fourteenth article about the beautiful women of Indian Cinema.

This time we have the usual actresses from Bollywood, Tamil, Bengali, Telugu, Kannada, Bhojpuri and Malayalam language films, a few models, a Miss World, a MTV India VJ, a talk show host and three girls named Priyanka.
And here I thought Pooja was a really popular name.

We have pictures, bios, their latest Bollywood films and even a few links to watch these actresses films online for free....and legally.



Priyamani was born Priya Vasudev Mani Iyer on June 4th, 1984 in Palakkad, Kerala, India.
This beautiful young lady made her acting debut in the 2003 Telugu film, Evare Atagaadu.
She has gone on to appear in close to thirty Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam language films.
Priyamani is currently working on the film Rakta Charitra, which is being made in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil languages at the same time.

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra
Priyanka Chopra

Indian actress, model and former 2000 Miss World Priyanka Chopra was born on July 18th, 1982 in Jamshedpur, Jharkand, India.
She made her acting debut in the 2002 Tamil film Thamizhan and has gone on to appear in almost forty films.
Priyanka has won National Film Awards, Filmfare Awards, Star Screen Awards and Zee Cine Awards among many, many others.
She has three films coming out in 2010, and one already set for 2011.

Priyanka Chopra at Amazon

Priyanka Sharma

Priyanka Sharma
Priyanka Sharma

Our next Priyanka is Priyanka Sharma, born on October 20th, 1986 in Ghaziabad, India.
She started out as a MTV India VJ, went on to appear in some music videos, then made her big screen debut in the 2005 film, Lucky: No Time for Love.
In Lucky: No Time for Love, she was credited as Priyanka Shinoy.
She is currently working on Dheeme Dheeme an upcoming Bollywood film starring Shiney Ahuja, Priyanka and Muzammil Ibrahim, and a remake of the 1962 film, Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam.

Priyanka Trivedi

Priyanka Trivedi
Priyanka Trivedi

Our third Priyanka is Priyanka Trivedi, born on November 9th, 1977 in Kolkata, West Bengal, India.
She made her acting debut in the 1998 Bengali film, Hathat Brishti.
Since then she has gone on to appear in almost thirty Bengali, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Kannada films.
Priyanka is married to Kannada actor, director and script writer Upendra, also known as Uppy.


Radha and her daughter, Karthika Nair
Radha and her daughter, Karthika Nair

Former Indian actress Radha was born on October 3, 1965 in Kerala, India.
She is the sister of actress Ambika, and the mother of actress Karthika Nair.
Her acting debut was either in the 1981 Tamil film Tik Tik Tik, or the 1981 Tamil film Alaigal Ooivathilai.
After 1981, Radha went on to appear in over 200 Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and Malayalam movies. 

Radhika Pandit

Radhika Pandit
Radhika Pandit

Kannada film and television actress Radhika Pandit made her acting debut in the 2008 Kannada film, Moggina Manasu.
She was born on March 7th, 19?? in Shirali, Uttara Kannada District, Karnataka, India.
Radhika has appeared on the TV series Nandagokula, Sumangali, Kaadambari and Maha ganapathi.
She has also appeared in seven Kannada films.

Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi Sawant
Rakhi Sawant

Item girl, Hindi film and television actress, model and television talk show host Rakhi Sawant was born on November 25th, 1980 (or February 3rd, 1980) in Mumbai, India.
She made her acting debut in the 1999 film Dil Ka Sauda, and she has gone on to appear in over thirty films.
On TV she has appeared on Bigg Boss, 10 Ka Dum, Rakhi Ka Swayamwar, Pati, Patni Aur Woh and Nach Baliye 3.



Rambha was born Vijaya Lakshmi on June 5, 1976 in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India.
She made her acting debut in the 1990 Kannada film, Server Somanna.
Since then she has appeared in over one hundred Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, Kannada, Bengali and Bhojpuri films. and is still going strong, with two films released in 2009, and two set to come out in 2010.



Indian film actress Divya Spandana (better known as Ramya) was born on November 29, 1982 in Bangalore, Karnataka, India.
She made her acting debut in the 2003 Kannada film Abhi, and has since gone on to appear in over thirty Kannada, Tamil and Telugu films.
Ramya has eight films in the works for 2010, Just Math Mathalli, Bhimoos Bang Bang Kids, Jothegaara, Ullasa, Kichha Huchha, Kadhal 2 Kalyanam, Sanju Weds Geetha and Singam Puli.

Raveena Tandon

Raveena Tandon
Raveena Tandon

The beautiful Raveena Tandon was born on October 26th, 1974 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
She made her acting debut in the 1991 Bollywood film Patthar Ke Phool at the age of seventeen.
For her role as Kiran, she won the 1992: Filmfare Lux New Face Award.
Raveena went on to appear in over seventy Bollywood, Tamil, Kannada and Telugu movies.

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