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Indian Actresses 18 - Bollywood and More

Updated on January 14, 2017

Indian Film Actresses 18 - Sunaina, Sudha Chandran, Suman Ranganathan, Suchitra Sen and more.

Here we are at article number eighteen in my series on Indian film actresses.

Of course we have the usual actresses, dancers, models, a few beauty queens, directors, producers and interestingly enough, one karate champion.
We have some of the classic actresses of Indian cinema, an inspirational story and a tragic story of love that was not meant to be.

So let's start off this article with not one, but two Sandhyas...

Sandhya Mridul

Bollywood Actress Sandhya Mridul
Bollywood Actress Sandhya Mridul

Sandhya Mridul

Indian film and television actress Sandhya Mridul was born on March 28th, 1975 in Mumbai, India.
She made her acting debut on the Indian afternoon soap opera Swabhimaan in 1995 as Shivani.
Sandhya appeared on several more television shows before making her big screen debut in the Hindi drama/romance, Saathiya where she co-starred with Rani Mukerji, Vivek Oberoi and Tanuja.
She went on to appear in seventeen Bollywood films, and was a contestant on season two of the Indian version of BBC's Strictly Come Dancing and ABC's Dancing with the Stars, Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa.

Sandhya Shetty

Sandhya Shetty
Sandhya Shetty

Our second Sandhya here is the sexy Sandhya Shetty.
Take some care with this beauty though, besides being a model and actress, this young lady is a karate champion (she won a bronze medal at the National Karate Championship in Chennai) !
I don’t know if she is related to the "famous" Shetty family, but Shilpa Shetty has a black belt in who knows?
Sandhya has appeared in the films Meenaxi: Tale of 3 Cities (2003), Bas Yun Hi (2003), the Bengali film Kaal (2007) and she appeared on the TV action series Josh.
She was also a 2000 Femina Miss India finalist.

Suchitra Sen

Indian actress Suchitra Sen
Indian actress Suchitra Sen

Legendary Indian actress Suchitra Sen was born on April 6th, 1931 in Pabna, British India, which is now Bangladesh.
Her films with Uttam Kumar are considered classics in Bengali cinema.
Suchitra Sen is the mother of Indian film actress Moon Moon Sen, and the grandmother of actresses Raima Sen and Riya Sen.
She appeared on over sixty Bengali and Bollywood films.

Sudha Chandran

Sudha Chandran
Sudha Chandran

Indian film and television actress Sudha Chandran is an example of overcoming adversity.
When she lost her right leg in an accident, Sudha didn’t give up, but went on to become one of the most highly acclaimed dancers in India.
Two films, Mayuri (1984) and Nache Mayuri (1986) were made about her life.
Not satisfied with just dancing, Sudha went on to appear in over twenty television shows and over twenty films.
In 1986, she was awarded the Special Jury Award at the National Film Awards for her performance in the film Mayuri.

Suhasini Maniratnam

Suhasini Maniratnam
Suhasini Maniratnam

South Indian actress, director and producer Suhasini Maniratnam was born on August 15th, 1961 in Chennai, India.
Her father is famous Tamil actor Charuhasan, and her brother is actor, writer, and filmmaker, Kamal Haasan.
Besides being an actress, director and producer, Suhasini is a costume designer, hair stylist and cinematographer, and she was the first female to graduate from the Madras Film institute.
She debuted in the 1980 Tamil film Nenjathai Killadhey, and has gone on to appear in almost ninety Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam films.



Popular film actress Sumalatha was born on August, 27th, 1963 in Chennai, India.
At the age of fifteen, Sumalatha won an Andhra Pradesh beauty contest, and this lead to her start in acting.
She started acting in 1978, and has appeared in over two hundred Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu and Hindi movies.
Sumalatha is married to Kannada film actor and politician Ambareesh.

Suman Ranganathan

Suman Ranganathan
Suman Ranganathan

Suman Ranganathan was born on July 24,1974 in Bangalore, Karnataka, India.
This sultry beauty is sometimes listed as Suman Ranganath or Suman Ranganathan in film credits, and does modeling in addition to her "item girl" work in films.
She has appeared in over forty Kannada, Tamil, Hindi and Telugu films.
Suman appeared in the 2003 film Baghban which was nominated for four Filmfare Awards including Best Film.



Indian film actress Sunaina was born on June 6th, 1987 in India.
She made her acting debut in the 2006 Telugu film Something Special, and has gone on to appear in twelve Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam films.



Suraiya was born on June 15th, 1929 in Gujranwala, Punjab (which is now Pakistan) and was a very popular singer and actress in Indian films in the 1940s and 1950s.
She started out as a child actress in the 1937 film Usne Kya Socha and went on to appear in almost seventy films.
The romance between her and actor Dev Anand sounds like a romance film itself.
While shooting a film together, a boat they were on capsized and Dev saved her from drowning.
Suraiya fell in love with Dev, but her grandmother forbade the relationship, and Suraiya remained unmarried her entire life.
On January 31st, 2004, she passed away at the age of 75 in Mumbai India.

Sushma Reddy

Sushma Reddy
Sushma Reddy

The lovely Sushama Reddy was born on August 2, 1976 in Andhra Pradesh, India.
She has two sisters, Indian film actress Sameera Reddy and Indian model and VJ Meghna Reddy.
Sushama is a also a model, VJ and actress.
She has appeared in a few movies, Don (2006), Chup Chup Ke (2006) and Chocolate (2005).

And you know how people talk about the Bollywood actresses being a tad overweight (to put it nicely)?
Check out the abs on Sushama.
If she keeps this up she'll wind up on my fitness model Hubs.

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Indian Actresses 18 - Bollywood and More Comments

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    • profile image

      Sarath 5 years ago

      Sarath maga

    • lakshithashree profile image

      lakshithashree 6 years ago from Bangalore

      Suhasini Maniratnam's image seems to be incorrect. Please check

    • profile image

      Gillme 6 years ago

      U should include others that R actually hot or close to it. Some of these I didn't know but thanks for posting them. But what of Aishwariya,Madhuri, Katrina, Sushmita Sen, and others? Some might not be hot but are the good bollywood actresses. Please don't take any offense. Just a little note.

    • atifhameed profile image

      atifhameed 7 years ago from Islamabad, Pakistan

      God has blessed Sub continent with lot of beautiful faces...

    • profile image

      priya 7 years ago

      girls are not so much impressive but first two girls are beautiful

    • JohnBarret profile image

      JohnBarret 7 years ago

      Well well well,

      a great hub on beautiful top.


    • Chris Crow profile image

      Chris Crow 7 years ago

      These are all very beautiful women. I wish I had the opportunity to watch more bollywood films. Maybe I will.

    • caninecrtitics profile image

      caninecrtitics 7 years ago from Massachusetts

      Good hub I think Sushma is the prettiest with her aggressive look lol.

    • nikmaya62 profile image

      nikmaya62 7 years ago

      I like Indians Girls,,, nice pictures. All of them are beautiful, besides there is girl with over weight,,,, haha,,, but She still pretty.... Nice job sabrebIade.

    • sabrebIade profile image

      sabrebIade 7 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Phillyfreeze69: As far as I know, yes Bengali films are all produced in Bengal.

      As far as the oldest, Bengal might actually predate Bollywood.

    • profile image

      Phillyfreeze69 7 years ago

      Sunaina has a very innocent look that probably helped her land roles in the 12 films she has appeared in. Very interesting Hub on the lovely actresses that appear in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam films. I assume Bollywood films are the oldest cinema in India, but what about Bengali films, are they regional productions?

    • juiwei2000 profile image

      juiwei2000 7 years ago

      Actually, Bollywood generally make much better movie then Hollywood, despite been lower in budget

    • sabrebIade profile image

      sabrebIade 7 years ago from Pennsylvania

      You're right smith29. Usually I get an alert about a dead link. Maybe HP is unpublishing Hubs faster than their software can keep up with.

    • smith29 profile image

      smith29 7 years ago


      You have given links to many other hubpages at the end of the page. However, I came across that couple of them are "No longer published". It would be better to replace those links with the correct one. However, here you introduced some of sizzling actresses.

    • sabrebIade profile image

      sabrebIade 7 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Cagsil: Thank you very much! And yes, Shetty is very hot I think.

    • Cagsil profile image

      Cagsil 7 years ago from USA or America

      Hey Sabre, nice job on the hub. Looks good. I like the second picture - Sandhya Shetty best out of them all. Thank you for sharing. :)